FunDoes food interfere with the effectiveness of medications?

Does food interfere with the effectiveness of medications?

Some foods promote or reduce the absorption of drugs and others make them ineffective and even harmful . This is a quick guide :.

1. With antibiotics based on erythromycin or penicillin avoid acidic foods. Effect: they cancel the drug.

2. With bronchodilators avoid caffeine. Effect: overstimulation of the nervous system.

3. With anti-H2 (antacids) avoid caffeine. Effect: irritation of the stomach.

4. With tetracycline- based antibiotics avoid foods rich in calcium. Effect: reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

5. With antidepressants, cholesterol and estrogens (birth control pill) avoid grapefruit juice. Effect: dangerous increase in drug concentration.

6. With Mao inhibitor antidepressants, avoid foods rich in tyramine (beer, cheese, chocolate, avocado, cold cuts …). Effect: headache, palpitations, nausea, heart attack, stroke.
7. With Ace inhibitors and diuretics (cardiovascular disorders) avoid foods rich in potassium. Effect: palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

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