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Dovizioso considers the circuit "acceptable" for a test, not for a GP

Andrea Dovizioso believes that the decision to continue racing this Friday at Mandalika despite the dirtiness of the track was finally the right one, since the passage of the bikes at least allowed to show a trajectory so that the riders could learn the route and orient. However, it seems impossible to him to run in the current conditions , given the danger of the track outside of this route, which is still narrow.

“There were two options: stay put and let them clear the track, but it would have taken several hours, or ride with the bikes. Those who had seen the track did not want to go out, because it was very dangerous. We wanted to push, but it was not the conditions” , explained the Italian pilot, who had tried to start at the beginning of the day.

“I was on the track before the meeting and I can’t explain how bad [the conditions] were. But they had already tried to clean up before, in Turns 1 and 2, and I hadn’t seen any difference to the rest of the track.

“Everyone was scared, but in the end it was the right decision, because the circuit became acceptable. We were able to start to really understand the track, the trajectory and the lap times normalized. So it was the right decision , ” Dovizioso said. . “The trajectory was good, but we couldn’t make the slightest mistake, so it was very, very stressful from that point of view .

“It wasn’t even dirty, it was dirt. A layer all over the track. The problem is that the asphalt loses stones, so when you go behind another driver you feel pain because they hit you from all sides.”

Andrea Dovizioso values the design of this new track: “The track is nice, I think everyone likes it. It’s a bit short, that’s the only negative point. The design is a bit strange, you have to be in the corner all the time except on the main straight, but it’s fun.

But what about the prospect of racing there in a grand prix in five weeks?

“Above all, the asphalt has to be much cleaner, because that’s the limit to do a test, and you can’t run with such a narrow trajectory. Whatever the category, you can’t run like that, you have to clean it. And I have the feeling that they don’t have the right machine to clean, but that’s just my feeling, I don’t know”.

“The second thing is the stones. I don’t think they can do anything about it. Maybe they can clean better and there will be less, but I don’t think they can do anything in a month,” he concluded.

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