SportMotoGPDucati awaits Miller in Sepang after a long odyssey

Ducati awaits Miller in Sepang after a long odyssey

The Australian traveled to his country to spend the winter as soon as he finished the Jerez test, last November, and two months later, on January 18, he planned to return to Europe, to continue his physical preparation for the start of the season and to shoot promotional videos for Ducati with a view to 2022.

Jack Miller took a car from his native Townsville and traveled more than a thousand kilometers to Brisbane, where he had to take his first plane of the flight marathon until he arrived in Barcelona on January 19, his final destination before Andorra, where he lives during the season.

The Ducati rider arrived at the airport with all the documentation in order, including a negative PCR test carried out the day before, which allowed him to leave Australia. Bad luck, however, wanted that first internal flight to be suspended, rescheduling all connections and stopovers, and delaying Jack’s departure for 24 hours, on the 19th.

That change forced Miller to undergo a new and, a priori, routine PCR test to get on the plane, and to his surprise, it came out positive and the pilot could not return to the airport. Jack himself uploaded a video to his social networks, explaining the situation, before getting back in the car, retracing the more than a thousand kilometers traveled the day before and returning to his Townsville farm, where he has been quarantined.


Ducati expects Miller to arrive in Sepang this Tuesday night, having already confirmed that he tested negative and was able to board the first of the planes he must take to leave Australia and reach Malaysia, a route that began in Townsville on Monday. , this time by plane, with a first stopover in Brisbane, fly to Melbourne and from there direct to Kuala Lumpur.

Now the Italian brand’s communication team will have to work tirelessly to be able to organize the team’s presentation, scheduled for February 7, with all the photo and video sessions with Jack and his teammate Pecco Bagnaia together with the GP22 desmosedici that already was unveiled this Monday as a preview, ending a true odyssey for Jackass .

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