NewsDüsseldorf postpones Rose Monday procession to May 8th

Düsseldorf postpones Rose Monday procession to May 8th

Carnival in Corona times – that requires flexibility. The Jecken in Düsseldorf now have to adjust to a new date.

Düsseldorf – The Düsseldorf Jecken are postponing the Carnival Monday procession from February 28 to May 8 in the coming year due to the corona pandemic. That was decided by the Düsseldorf Carneval Committee.

The new date opens the chance to carry out the Düsseldorf Rose Monday procession in the usual way with thousands of spectators on the roadside, the fools justified the step.

“We all assume that we will have overcome the fourth corona wave in the coming spring,” said the president of the committee, Michael L Bäumen. At the same time, the associated extension of the session offers all clubs the opportunity to postpone their events planned for January and February 2022. “We see this as a real opportunity to keep the carnival alive and still celebrate,” said Vice President Stefan Kleinehr.

According to its own information, the Carneval Committee agreed to extend the session until May 8th with representatives of the city of Düsseldorf and the Catholic parish. The Düsseldorf Carneval Committee is the umbrella organization for the Carnival in Düsseldorf and was founded in 1825. dpa

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