AutoEcho Auto: Alexa accompanies you in the car

Echo Auto: Alexa accompanies you in the car

In Spain we know Alexa for the devices in which it is integrated. Many homes already have an Echo Dot , the smart speaker that is capable of acting on your home automation. With a simple verbal command, Alexa activates your speakers and offers you the news of the day, your favorite Spotify lists or reminds you of the visit with the doctor , among many other functions. Its use seems lazy but it soon becomes your ideal roommate. From today you can take Alexa to your car thanks to the Echo Auto , on sale at from 59.99 euros .

It is not the first time that we relate to Alexa with the automotive sector, Seat has integrated its voice assistant in the new models. This service, which uses the cloud to get the answers you need, can be downloaded in the infotainment system of Spanish models or incorporated into other brands with the kid Alexa Auto SDK . We interviewed Marie Mulot, Alexa Country Manager Spain , on the occasion of the launch of the Echo Auto in the Spanish market and this is what she told us:

What led you to design an Echo device for the car?

Our vision is for Alexa to be accessible no matter where you are. Additionally, voice technology is even more useful in the car as it can eliminate complexity, minimize distractions, and make your journey more productive and entertaining. For those reasons, we see great opportunity in the car.

What feature of the Echo Auto do you hope will be used the most? What feature do you find most useful?

The most popular functions of Alexa are also very relevant in the car, such as playing music or your favorite podcast, requesting the weather forecast, managing your calendar, or completing the shopping list. And of course the ability to make calls only with your voice is one of the most interesting features of Echo Auto.

Personally, I love asking Alexa for the latest news, traffic conditions or my favorite playlist, simply by speaking, to avoid being distracted while driving.

Can other connected devices be managed in the home, from the vehicle?

Yes, you will be able to control your Alexa-compatible smart home devices from the vehicle thanks to Echo Auto. For example, it will be possible to adjust the temperature of your house during your return trip, if you have a thermostat compatible with Alexa.

What’s the difference, other than device, between the Echo Auto and the Alexa Auto SDK Software Kit?

The Echo Auto allows users to access the Alexa experience from their car. Through the Alexa Auto SDK (Skills Developer Kit) and the Alexa Mobile Accessories Kit, we are also making it easy for developers, automakers and suppliers to integrate Alexa into their vehicles and devices.

Does it make sense to buy it if you have a car that already has Alexa integrated, or does it have the same functions?

If your car already has Alexa built in, you don’t need an Echo Auto. Our goal is to create a consistent experience for customers in the car, whether interacting with Alexa through Echo Auto, through a third-party device, or through direct integration into the vehicle’s infotainment system.

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