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Eco Lodge en Ometepe Nicaragua, Totoco Lodge

Ometepe Island is an island in Nicaragua located on Lake Nicaragua. In fact, it is the largest freshwater island in the world. It is also the only freshwater island with two volcanoes. Now you know how special and spectacular this place is. However, the experience is greatly enhanced when you stay in an eco-lodge with incredible views, delicious food and a great kiddy pool, it really made the trip very special.

During our travels in Central America, we have stayed in many eco-lodges. But because there are not many restrictions and regulations in those countries, many of the lodges are not as eco-friendly as they claim to be.

Totoco Lodge is eco-friendly from start to finish!

The owners took five years to build their vision and are still working to improve it. That vision is to pioneer and share best practices in ecotourism and stimulate and support the sustainable development of the local community.

The vision is divided into three particular areas:

1. Eco – Lodge

2. Organic farm

3. Development center

About the Eco Lodge: where luxury, comfort and natural beauty meet

The rooms are private cabins with porches and stunning views spread across a garden.

Wherever you turn, you’ll see details created with locally grown and sourced materials. They also hire and work with the local community. We spent most of the time lounging on the porch of our cabin, my kids loved the hammock and comfy chairs.

Another thing my kids loved was their natural bathing system. He kept hearing “Why can’t all the bathrooms in the world be like this?”

We also spent a lot of time in the restaurant. It had incredible views of the nearby volcano and there was a pool. The best time of day to be there is at sunset. We dined in it with local dishes and organic products.

Organic Farm – Delicious Products

One of the things I miss about living in more developed countries is the availability of organic products. I have not found that in Guatemala, Costa Rica has some places and during our trip to Nicaragua, Totoco Lodge was the only place where it was offered.

In addition to getting delicious food made with organic ingredients, you can also take a tour of the farm to learn all about their work. It’s a great educational tour, especially for kids to understand the difference.

Center for development and participation of the local community

The Totoco Foundation is fully involved with the local communities that are quite poor. People here barely reach fourth grade, if they are lucky, and there are few options for good medical care.

All of these are the main focuses of the Totoco development center projects.

I did not have the opportunity to visit the center, but I can tell you one thing, all the staff are from the neighboring cities. Most of them now speak fluent English, which was really impressive. They were taught by the owners.

How ecological is the totoco?

1. All cabins and the reception / restaurant area are powered by 100% renewable energy (solar panels)

2. 90% of the gray water is filtered and recycled.

3. 100% water-free composting toilets

4. More than 2000 trees have been reforested

5. Local and renewable building materials only

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