LivingEleven tips to achieve a more sustainable parenting

Eleven tips to achieve a more sustainable parenting

Now it is common to hear about the carbon footprint of each activity we do. Having children does not escape these studies, according to which each one of them supposes an emission of 58.6 tons of CO2 , data that have led to currents such as anti-natalism, since people are afraid of the possible scenarios in which their children have to live and the contamination that having them supposes. However, the path may be different: having fewer children is not necessarily the salvation of the planet, but it can be (in addition to a change in the world economic system), assuming our individual responsibility in the face of climate change, committing ourselves to live off a more sustainable one .

Use biodegradable diapers

There are studies that affirm that cloth diapers are not more ecological than disposable ones (it is even affirmed that they pollute more), due to the expense of water and energy when washing and drying them. For this reason, biodegradable diapers are presented as the most environmentally friendly option , since they decompose in record time because only natural materials are used in their manufacture. Although currently there are not many options, I believe that little by little brands will tend to develop these types of products.

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Clean with soap and water instead of using wipes

Wet wipes are an environmental threat, because they contain microplastics, so they are not biodegradable and take about 600 years to disappear if they reach the natural environment. Therefore, and although there are other options, the most ecological way to clean our baby’s bottom is with soap and water when changing the diaper, or toilet paper when they go to the toilet.

Save water

Although it may sound contradictory to the previous point, water consumption can be rationalized in an important way if we spend consciously: choose showers instead of baths, teach children to turn off the tap when they are lathering their hands or brushing. teeth, and wash only when you have a full charge. In addition to making the maintenance of the family more sustainable, it will mean a considerable saving in maintenance costs.

When possible, choose breastfeeding

The defense of breastfeeding is not a fad or a fad, it is a matter of public health. It is not only the best food for the baby, but its benefits go beyond nutrition to become a shield against infections, allergies and regulator of metabolism. It is also stated that extending it for six months would help curb climate change and that it saves more than 100 kg of CO2 per baby.

Make the baby food at home

In addition to the nutritional benefits offered by homemade purees, they can be canned and do not need to be frozen. For its preparation, opt for seasonal vegetables and buy reusable glass jars , in this way you will only generate organic waste.

Buy cereals in bulk

The first thing to keep in mind is that baby food is by no means essential or the only way to offer cereals to children. In addition, taking into account that commercial cereals have a high content of free sugars , we can choose to buy cereals in bulk and prepare them in other ways (I, for example, have always bought oatmeal flakes to add to vegetable purees and to make Homemade cake).

Buy with more head

I admit that I went crazy when I had my first daughter, but when gifts came from family and friends, I ended up overwhelming myself with so many things . From that moment I decided to buy with more head (both clothes and toys), because in the end children do not need so much clothes or so many things. Also now it is possible to find very useful things such as stretchable clothes, or cribs that grow with the baby.

Reuse clothes and donate

Fortunately, it is a custom that is very established in society. It is simply enough to know how to store the clothes so that they are well preserved , and in case we do not want them, deposit them in the appropriate container or give it another type of use.

Choose wooden toys over plastic

The excessive production of plastic is one of the most serious problems we have today, so everything counts. That is why wooden toys are an excellent option for children (especially in early childhood), since in addition to the many benefits they provide, they are more environmentally friendly .

For short trips, go on foot or by bike

A healthy society must prioritize this type of automotive to make its cities more sustainable and its inhabitants healthier . I think it is very healthy to teach children not to depend on the car “for everything” (as long as conditions allow it, of course), and in fact experts say that children who ride bikes are happier children, so they are all advantages.

Recycle (and teach kids to do it)

Recycling has become one of the most effective actions to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in nature. That is why it is vital to teach children to do it, since this is how we take a first step so that future generations are more aware of the importance of respecting and conserving the environment.

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