Rising children

Our children will one day take off, but they will always find shelter in our arms

Despite the fact that there are still people who think that arms are spoiling, in general, parents know that our arms are the best shelter for our children, and while they are babies we do not hesitate to hug them, hug them and kiss them without condition.

My children and my partner's children do not get along: what can we do?

We know that families are configured in multiple ways, and more so today, where, for example, in Spain there were 86,851 divorces in 2021, 12.5% more than in the previous year (according to data from the National Institute of Statistics or INE).

"To adolescents, real life seems slow": we spoke with Diana Jiménez about how parenting affects the age of immediacy

We adults live in a fast-paced world. The whirlwind of everyday life, the responsibilities and the unforeseen events that always arise end up engulfing us in a thunderous way, forcing us to activate the 'automatic pilot' from the moment we get up until we go to bed. And so, day after day we feel that time is slipping through our fingers without even being aware of it.

Do not educate in fear, prepare your children to make this world a more beautiful place

As parents, we do everything we can to keep our children happy, healthy, and safe. As realistic parents, we know that although we will always do everything to protect them, we cannot keep them in a bubble. Unfortunately, there are bad and negative things in the world that could generate a lot of fear in our children, influencing their way of seeing and living life.

Punishment and blackmail are not resources to educate, and as parents we can do better

Children are not born with an off button to be able to turn them off when adults "bother us". Nor are they born with learned social norms, and until we teach them, they do not understand the importance of self-regulating their behavior and managing their emotions.

Nine daily interferences that affect the connection with our children

Connecting emotionally with our children has very important benefits for their development; among them, the strengthening of their self-esteem, self-confidence and the improvement in our relationship.

What does your child feel if you hit him: this damages his self-esteem and the development of attachment

Hitting is a physical aggression, and although it is something that years ago was part of the upbringing of many parents towards their children, the truth is that today we know that hitting is a completely unacceptable and detrimental behavior for the development of children.

Never go to bed angry with your child: why it is important to solve family conflicts before the end of the day

It is normal for parents and children to have conflicts at times. There are many causes that can cause one or the other to lose our temper, and although family fights are something normal and everyday, it is very important to solve it in a respectful way and prevent the discussion from "getting stuck".


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