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Entrepreneurship with purpose in times of pandemic: Pets4Good, pets that leave their mark

We speak with Luis Calderón, partner and co-founder of

How did the idea come about?

We come from the pet sector, we have always worked on it and we know it in depth. We wanted to take advantage of our knowledge and also undertake a project that had a soul, that had a heart, in which not only economic benefits were sought. We wanted to do something that would help improve the lives of many people and also involve pets.

Due to life circumstances we have had the opportunity to see the work that assistance dogs do, and we have seen how they change the lives of entire families that before could hardly even go out on the street due to the disability of one of them, phobias or due to diseases, and that now, accompanied by their great 4-legged ally, they lead a life almost like any of us. We quickly realized that we could achieve our goal here.

In June 2021 we started this wonderful project with which we collaborate with associations that work every day with assistance dogs and therapy dogs to improve the lives of children with autism (Dog Point Association), children at risk of exclusion (Dog Association and Letras READ), caring for the elderly, or giving emotional support in hospitals after the terrible pandemic that we have experienced (Asociación Perros Azules). In this way, we channel the good intentions of our customers who, without paying more, help other people through their purchases for their pets, making them the true protagonists and “making each pet leave its mark”, which is precisely our company purpose.


What exactly is the project about?

Pets4Good, or what is the same, ” Pets for good”, is a solidarity online store of products for pets: food, toys, antiparasitics, leashes … in which 10% of the margin of each product is allocated to a social project chosen by the customer at the time of purchase. The client does not pay more, but it is Pets4Good, always maintaining competitive prices and following its company purpose, who takes care of making the donation to the association, always with full transparency and traceability by the client. In fact, it is transparent for everyone since each of the contributions that have come out of each order for each project is published on the web, thus avoiding any minimum doubts that may arise regarding donations.

Placing an order is very simple: you just have to go to, choose the products and the association to which you want to donate and finalize the order. We prepare orders daily and serve in 24/48 hours anywhere in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and if anyone has any questions, you can call us, write a WhatsApp or send an email and we will answer you right away.


As the market and competition are today, is such a business profitable?

There are many ways to run a business. By definition, a company works to seek the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time, however, ours is a company with a social purpose. We seek profit to achieve one goal: “to make each pet leave its mark” , and allocating part of the profits to our purpose is in itself a success for us. Our benefit is the benefit of society, because we do not understand the company without a commitment to society, giving back, in some way, part of what society has given us.

Any company becomes profitable after a certain volume of sales. Pets4Good, being a solidarity company, finds that point of profitability or breack even a little later than the others, and that is why we focus on getting as many customers as possible and dedicate 100% of our efforts to improve each of business aspects so that each client has a unique experience. This, together with the symbiosis that we create with associations, makes us grow more and more every day and get closer to our purpose.

We are passionate, we know it, but seeing how we approach the goal set in each project and, above all, the incredible help we provide to these children and adults, makes us work every day with the maximum of our energy and enthusiasm. So that’s why you read us, if you have a pet, try Pets4Good and make your pet leave its mark!

If you want to know about this company and the projects with which it collaborates, visit these links:

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