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Eric Clapton pours fuel on the fire of the vaccination debate – and only appears without mandatory vaccination

Eric Clapton chooses harsh words about Boris Johnson’s plans. The musician clearly opposes an obligation to have a corona vaccination at his concerts.

England – The pandemic is once again raging in the UK on a worrying scale. The number of new infections with Corona * is increasing rapidly. Tens of thousands have been infected with the corona virus every day for days. The seven-day incidence is gradually approaching the 500 mark (source:

More than 69 percent of the UK’s citizens have now been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the government said. A large part of them received the corona vaccine * from Astrazeneca. * And there should be more. In a speech on July 19, 2021, Boris Johnson announced, “The pleasures and possibilities of life are increasingly made dependent on vaccinations *”. From autumn, for example, proof of vaccination will be mandatory when entering clubs and attending major concerts. But not everyone seems to be in favor of the prime minister’s plans. Now the music star Eric Clapton has spoken out. Last but not least, his statement should cause cheers among vaccination skeptics.

Eric Clapton and the corona vaccination requirement: musician positions himself

Eric Clapton is said to have emphasized: “In view of the Prime Minister’s statement of July 19, I feel obliged to say something myself,” he begins and adds: “I would like to emphasize that I do not appear on any stage where a discriminated audience is present. If there is no regulation that allows everyone to come to the concert, then I reserve the right to cancel the show. ”This includes his and Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown song“ Stand and Deliver ” reports The Rolling Stone.

Eric Patrick Clapton Alias: Slowhand
Born 03/30/1945
Birthplace Ripley, UK
Bands Among others Cream and Derek and the Dominos
genre Blues, rock

The musician Clapton did not say these words to a TV or radio station in Great Britain. Instead, according to the music magazine, the guitarist’s statement was shared by a film producer on the Telegram news service. This is none other than Robin Monotti. The producer and architect has already positioned himself in the past as extremely skeptical about the corona vaccination and had already criticized the British government’s corona measures. His Twitter account has since been blocked, and since then he has been using Telegram more and more to express his opinion.

Corona vaccination: Eric Clapton opposes mandatory vaccination at his concerts

At the same time, Clapton is by no means a decided opponent of vaccinations. He himself has already been vaccinated against the corona virus – with Astrazeneca. But then Eric Clapton said he regretted the corona vaccination. * The vaccination reaction was so painful that he feared musicians would no longer be able to play the guitar. Clapton’s expression of opinion also did not take place in relation to the media. In this case he had written a letter to the film producer Monotti, who, with the musician’s permission, shared it with his fans on Telegram.

As The Rolling Stone further emphasizes, neither Clapton nor media representatives of the guitarist have yet commented on the musician’s latest statement. It remains to be seen whether he will stay true to his words and actually cancel his concerts in the UK. It will take a few more days, however, before that happens. Because Eric Clapton’s next tour in his home country is not expected to take place until 2022. (slo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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