LivingErotic toys and intimate health: what you should know

Erotic toys and intimate health: what you should know

It is an irremediable fact: over the years, our body ages and loses elasticity. In the case of women, most focus on external care, such as hair and skin. However, we do not pay the same attention to the care of our intimate area, as is the care of the intimate area. This, inevitably, also loses functionality as time goes on, which can end up affecting intimate health. LELO is the first sexual wellness brand that focuses its erotic toys not only on sexual pleasure and fun, but also on improving women’s intimate health.

regenerative gynecology

Regenerative gynecology proposes solutions that can help restore the appearance, anatomy, and functionality of the vagina, vulva, and pelvic floor. Thus, thanks to these regenerative treatments (which may or may not be surgical) it is possible to solve different intimate health problems.

Main treatments

Among the most frequent treatments are labiaplasty, genital radiofrequency, laser, the application of PRP or hyaluronic acid. These therapies help reduce inflammation, intimate pain and improve the quality of life of many women.

Similarly, through these innovative treatments it is possible to regenerate the tissues and improve the elasticity of the intimate area, thus reducing vaginal dryness and tissue tension. This translates, in most cases, into an improvement in sexual relations and sexual desire.

Care of the intimate area

There is a series of care that every woman (regardless of her age) should carry out so that the genitals and the intimate area in general are always protected. In fact, it is not enough to go to the gynecologist only occasionally: it is essential to keep regular appointments if you have an active sexual life or if you notice discomfort. Similarly, you should take into account the following recommendations:

• Keep the genital area clean and dry.
• Avoid very tight clothing.
• Use cotton underwear. This is because silk garments do not promote perspiration, which can end up causing irritation.

Self-exploration, the great forgotten

Although most women follow the general recommendations, there is one task that we tend to avoid: self-examination of the vulva and vagina. According to different studies, about 60% of women do not look at their genitals. This fact, in most cases, is due to a social issue, since both the genitals and female pleasure have always been taboo.

Knowing our body is essential for improving security and self-esteem. In addition, it is the only way in which you will be able to acquire a vision of your vaginal health, appreciating warning signs and understanding where certain organs are located.

The power of sex toys

In the same way that regenerative gynecology helps reduce inflammation and pain, sex toys can help reduce pathologies and improve sexual well-being. In fact, through orgasm, oxytocin is released, which helps us feel good and relieves body pain.

Some clitoral massagers, such as the SONA 2 Cruise or SILA Cruise from the LELO brand, are ideal for this, because through their sonic waves it is possible to reach orgasm with a speed range from slower to faster, stimulating up to 80% of the clitoris for a much more satisfying orgasm.

For this reason, sex toys, in addition to being a tool to give or give us pleasure, are truly effective, for example, during postpartum recovery or during menopause.

The best toys on the market

LELO also has vibrators, like the GIGI 2, which is great for stimulating the G-spot due to its small size and anatomical design. And the SORAYA Wave , a vibrating rabbit for double simultaneous stimulation, both from the outside of the clitoris and from the inside, the well-known G-spot. Both improve the circulation and vascular irrigation of the intimate area and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

On the other hand, if what you want is to strengthen the pelvic floor, with the KEGEL Smart Bead exerciser from LELO you can work this area while improving the quality of orgasms. It is also ideal for the postpartum period and to solve incontinence problems, among others.

And you, what are you waiting for to improve your sexual well-being and start taking care of your intimate area? Say goodbye to taboos with LELO.

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