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Espargaró: "I entered the pits in FP1 because I didn't want to kill myself"

The Aprilia rider, second overall in the MotoGP World Championship, was upset with the decision of the stewards not to stop the first practice session of the Dutch Grand Prix, in which the rain was heavy and aquaplaning zones were created , in which the pilots played the type.

At the end of the day, Aleix Espargaró was happy with his performance, but not with the conditions that the riders had to face in the morning.

“It was an unproductive but important day because we were competitive in the wet and thinking about the races that will come after the summer it is important to go well in those conditions, so I am satisfied.”

“In the afternoon we had problems with a connector on the bike and I was only able to go out for a few laps at the end, but I finished second very close to last year’s fastest lap in the race, so I’m happy with the day”.

However, he was highly critical of the fact that the drivers were allowed to continue on the track in such extreme conditions.

“It gives me the feeling that we leave the red flags at home”, in reference to the power that the stewards have to stop a training session if the conditions are dangerous.

“I stopped in the box and I told my team that I was going to wait for the rain to stop to go out, I didn’t want to kill myself. On the straight you couldn’t go over fourteen thousand revolutions, at other points there was aquaplaning, I don’t know. In the end it has stopped raining and it has been possible to go out, in addition there have been some falls”, he reasoned.

“It surprises me and pisses me off, since I can’t decide what I do is stand in the box. In these conditions you can’t run, or you can, but it’s very dangerous, until something bad happens,” he deepened.

“I don’t think it’s that difficult, everyone has to do their job. When aquaplaning appears you can only do two things, either draw a red flag or get on a boat, there’s no more. I’m not surprised. Race Direction said no They penalized Morbidelli because as I qualified for Q2 nothing happened”.


“But that lap was the track record, I was two tenths ahead, and if I had done it I could have stayed in the box and not have to go out again and wear a tire. But they didn’t penalize. One more, it’s better not get pissed off.”

Aleix tried to shake the subject off at the insistence of the questions, but he revealed a small secret.

“It’s a lost war, but I don’t want to talk anymore because it’s a lost war. Today there was a meeting of the MSMA (builders) and the factories pressed, they were all in agreement, but I don’t plan to get angrier about this issue.”

What the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta , did say is that the criticism of the drivers to the race direction was “inadmissible”, especially as a result of Takaaki Nakagami’s accident in Barcelona.

“From his point of view I understand it, not to talk about the referees. But with all the cracks that there have been on the part of the pilots there has been no reaction or improvement either,” settled the Aprilia rider.

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