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Essential tips for caring for a rabbit

The kits are usually very defenseless when they are born, since many females reject them after giving birth for multiple reasons. And therefore they need to be taken care of quickly.

The first, and much-needed, step should be the separation of the calf from its mother . In this way they can be cared for separately and covering the needs of each of the animals. In addition, it is very important that you follow the recommendations of your veterinarian . If you haven’t talked to a professional yet, it’s time to call.

While you get a visit at the veterinary center you can follow these tips that we are going from this post. Although, the main thing is that you are very aware of the rabbit so that it feels safe and is well cared for to grow strong and healthy.

Tips to take care of your kitty

It is normal that before this situation you find yourself nervous, it is not something usual that we are prepared to take care of a rabbit. Remember that the most important thing is that you go to your trusted exotic animal veterinarian.

Meanwhile, these are the tips that you should know and apply in the care of the animal.

  • Place the animal in the best area to be warm
    If the female rabbit stayed with the rabbit, she would prepare a nest for the first few days. And this is what you should try to do too. Inside the cage, provide a small nest with hay, goat hair and coconut fiber, if possible. If not, you can do something similar with cardboard boxes and a newspaper base.

    Before the kits are separated from the mother, find a comfortable place where they can sleep and have a good temperature. They need heat, the ideal is to keep them around 25º . Keep them near a window or in drafts.

    Therefore, the ideal is to have two areas prepared, one so that the mother is comfortable when she is going to give birth, and another to place the kits when they are born.

  • Follow good eating guidelines
    Rabbits usually feed their kits twice a day , and this is more than enough. Make it easy for this to happen, and just worry that they are not cold and that they are well fed.

    If the rabbit is not taking care of them properly, then you will have to take care of the feeding. To do this, gently pick up the rabbit and put it on top of them so they can feed. Once the kits start suckling, the doe will most likely nurse them on her own the next time, without anyone’s help.

    If the baby is not with its mother and she cannot feed it, you must fully take care of its feeding. In this case, keep in mind that you should never give him cow’s milk, and that you need to look for a suitable milk to take care of rabbits. Your trusted veterinarian will be able to help you in the selection of milk. Do not give other foods until after week 8.

    As the rabbit progresses, it is necessary to control that they gain weight and develop well. The veterinarian will tell you what evolution is expected to be able to carry out a periodic control. This way you will know if it is growing and developing correctly.

  • Stimulate the kits to urinate and defecate
    They need you to help them with stimulation in the genital and anal area to be able to urinate and defecate.

    To do this, use a damp cotton ball and gently rub these areas for 20-30 seconds before they eat. It is something that rabbits normally do naturally during the first hours of life of the kits. And if they don’t, they need you to take care of it.

    Keep in mind that their health depends on their having good bowel movements and the digestive system being fully activated.

How can you know if your rabbit is healthy?

It is common to be afraid that the kits are not developing as they should, or even that they have a disease and we are not realizing it. Therefore, there are certain signs to which you should pay attention to know that everything is going well:

  • Look at their belly: if they are eating well they will have a full tummy , as with any other type of baby. If they look for the mother a lot or have a bad color, it is probably because they are not well fed.
  • Control their sleep: if they sleep comfortably and without alterations, they are resting and doing well. If they show signs of discomfort while sleeping, something may be sore.
  • Watch your skin: it should not be wrinkled, but smooth and hydrated .

If your rabbit is going to have kits and you have to take care of them, we recommend that you give her all the attention possible, that you follow all the recommendations of your veterinarian and that you meet the needs of a newborn.

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