LivingTravelEssentials for New Reno residents

Essentials for New Reno residents

When you’re a new resident of Reno, finding basic amenities quickly helps you feel more comfortable. These are the essential services and information you will need to help make Reno / Tahoe your new home.

Finding a place to live in Reno / Tahoe

  • Reno / Tahoe Housing Market Information
  • Reno / Tahoe Home Rental Information
  • Reno / Tahoe neighborhoods
  • Radon Hazard

Get a job

  • Nevada Employment Services
  • Find a job

Turn on the utilities

  • Turn on the utilities
  • CFL recycling
  • TV, Cable, Satellite Stations
  • Home energy audit

Reno / Tahoe Shopping

  • Reno / Tahoe Shopping Centers and Districts
  • Buying food

Reno / Tahoe Government, Municipal Services, Voting, Tax

services new residents need to know

  • City of Reno
  • City of sparks
  • Washoe County
  • Register to vote in Nevada
  • Nevada taxes
  • Nevada liquor laws

Register your vehicles

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
location near you

Reno / Tahoe Public Transport

Washoe County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)
transportation to, from and around Reno / Tahoe

Reno / Tahoe Hospitals

Reno / Tahoe Schools and Libraries

  • Washoe County Library System
  • Washoe County School District
  • Charter schools
  • Private schools
  • Colleges and universities

Reno / Tahoe Weather, Roads, and Natural Hazards

  • Weather in Reno / Tahoe
  • Road and highway conditions
  • Reno / Tahoe Wildfire Safety
  • Reno / Tahoe earthquakes
  • Preparing for floods
  • Beat the Reno / Tahoe heat

Reno / Tahoe Events, Dining & Entertainment

  • Reno / Tahoe Monthly Events
  • Big annual events and festivals
  • Restaurants and restaurants
  • The arts around Reno / Tahoe

Northern Nevada Gay Pride 2016 – Reno Gay Pride Festival 2016

Bordering the scenic Lake Tahoe region and with plenty of beautiful scenery of its own, the city of Reno sits on the west-central edge of

How to get tickets to Reno Aces baseball games

Even though Reno isn't big enough to have a major league baseball team, you can actually watch baseball, in a stadium, if

Reno / Tahoe Wildfire Safety

Staying Safe When Wildfires Strike, And They Are Unavoidable In Our Climate, Is Something All Reno / Tahoe Residents Should

Who will be the next mayor of Reno?

Update: Current information on the 2014 Reno mayoral election is available at "Reno Mayor Election 2014."

Back to School Information for Reno and Washoe County

Monday, August 11, is the first day of school for the traditional 2014-2015 school year. Check out this "County School District Calendar