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How to get tickets to Reno Aces baseball games

Even though Reno isn’t big enough to have a major league baseball team, you can watch baseball for real, in a stadium, if you love this American sport and like it better when you’re on the scene, complete with a two or two hot dog and a tall cold one (or two). Reno has the Aces, a Minor League Baseball franchise that is part of the 16-team Pacific Coast League and a Triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Aces play at Greater Nevada Field in Reno.

You can get Reno Aces baseball tickets in a number of ways. You can usually buy a single game, general admission tickets up to and including game day, but don’t count on that for popular games that might sell out. Season ticket and special options secure entry even when popular games are sold out, and this is a better bet if you’re interested in those high-profile games.

Reno Aces Ballpark seating chart

If you’re unfamiliar with Greater Nevada Field, check out this seating chart for seating locations and ticket prices.

Reno Aces Single Game Tickets

Ticket prices and promotions change from season to season, so for the most up-to-date information, check out the Reno Aces Ticket Options page. As of May 2017, ticket prices for a single game ranged from $ 8 for individual admission to $ 34 for a premium home plate seat. Ticket demand and promotions can affect prices. Tickets for a single game can be purchased at the Grand Nevada Field box office. Single game tickets are also available online.

Other ticket options

If you’re an avid fan and want to make sure you have a good seat for every game, check out the season ticket options.

There are also ticketed seats with a stadium view at Bugsy’s Sports Bar in the Freight House District. You can buy tickets at the bar for games up to two weeks in advance. If you watch from Bugsy’s, you’ll get cushioned seats and drink service throughout the game. You can buy a seat at the bar or on the patio, and if it’s hot, you’ll get an added bonus of sitting inside where it’s cool while you watch the game. You can also reserve space outside of Bugsy’s for a party and the bar will cater for food: burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, or carnitas.

Or throw a party in a luxury suite at Greater Nevada Field. These are for groups of 20, and the heated and air-conditioned suites have a living room and outside seating on a balcony if you want the outdoor baseball experience. They also have TVs, bars, Wi-Fi, and refrigerators and come with a large supply of food, served by a waiter. You will also get VIP parking and enter through the VIP entrance.

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