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Exclusive: solve all your doubts about the F1 Manager 2022

The launch date of F1 Manager 2022 , the new official game of Formula 1, is getting closer, since it will be playable from next August 25.

The game can be enjoyed on a wide selection of platforms, such as Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and before its official launch, Frontier Developments wanted to resolve the last doubts in exclusive to

Thanks to the director of the installment, Andy Fletcher , the chief designer of the dialogues, Robbie Mann , and the main person in charge of the audio, Tim Barlett , we can know what this saga that premieres on consoles will bring us.

Question: The official game of Formula 1 has been Codemasters since 2010, on all platforms. Will F1 Manager 2022 be a direct rival or a complement?

Answer: “We are extremely passionate about F1, so naturally we are huge fans of the work that Codemasters has done with their F1 racing game series. We believe that F1 Manager 2022 offers a complementary gameplay experience that will appeal to F1 fans who have ever seen a race and thought ‘I would have done it differently'”.

“Players will take control of their favorite F1 team, and will be responsible for all the key decisions, developing their cars, drivers and staff to ensure long-term success. During race weekends, They will give orders and adjust the settings of each car to maximize results, reacting to what happens, which they will be able to watch as if it were a spectacular television broadcast.

Q: There are more and more cross-platform games that allow you to compete against other users even if they don’t have the same console as you. Will this be possible in F1 Manager 2022 when the multiplayer game mode arrives?

A: “F1 Manager 2022 is a single player experience where players will aim to take their team to the top echelon. We are focused on making this year’s game the best it can be, and giving players fans the opportunity to make the decisions that will hopefully lead to a successful legacy!”

Tráiler F1 Manager 2022

 Q: There have been those who have been disappointed not to be able to take control of the cars in F1 Manager 2022 and hit the track. Are there any plans to make that a reality at some point?

A: “We’ve had a fantastic response from gamers, who are excited about the chance to experience the ups and downs of the world’s most prestigious motorsport from a new point of view, stepping into the pit wall and executing the perfect strategy while see their top-flight drivers fight for a podium place.”

“In F1 Manager 2022, players will step into the shoes of a team manager and lead their drivers, engineers and fans to glory. The F1 Manager Saga is a highly immersive and realistic Formula 1 management experience, So while the fans can develop their car and give instructions to their team, it will be up to their drivers to bring home the points!”

Q: What do you think will catch players’ attention the most as soon as they start playing?

A: “In F1 Manager 2022, we have created a gaming experience that is not only based on the Formula 1 license, but also on the official broadcast. When players take a seat on the pit wall, they will feel as if they are watching and controlling the action, being able to influence the spectacle that unfolds on your screen”.

“In addition to the stunning visuals, players have a wealth of data to immerse themselves in and many improvements to make to ensure their team’s legacy. We’re looking forward to seeing the stories that unfold as well as bringing some of our own dreams in F1”.

Q: Driver ratings have generated a lot of debate. How and when will those averages change?

A: “The previously revealed average driver and staff ratings consist of nine performance ratings, which will change over time as they develop. In your role as team manager, players will have to decide how they want to allocate the additional development points to improve each score and your performance on the track Just like in real life, drivers and staff will continue to develop at other teams and may retire, so it’s important to keep an eye on future talent of the F2 and the F3”.

Tráiler F1 Manager 2022

Q: Is this a game intended to entertain today’s F1 fans or will it also be able to attract players who don’t normally follow the series to F1?

A: “Fans of previous Frontier management titles will know that, from Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo to Jurassic World Evolution, our games are created with a wide audience in mind, whether you’re new to the game or passionate about it. For those who want to get up to speed quickly, F1 Manager 2022 features an in-game tutorial to get you up and running with all the instructions you need before the lights go out.”

Q: How have you managed to sound as close as possible to today’s F1 cars and engines?

A: “In addition to what you see on the track, the roar of the engines and the sounds of the circuit are one of the most identifiable elements of the sport.”

“We’ve worked closely with Formula 1 to get a lot of footage of each car, covering a wide variety of driving styles, both slow and fast. The system we’ve created uses source material from the low RPM range. Per Minute], as well as the highest. Of course, our audio system not only has to react to the RPM, but also to the selected gear, the car’s engine and even the position of the camera, so there is a lot to do to ensure that the game produces the correct sound”.

“This creates an incredibly authentic-sounding soundscape for fans. In fact, we’ve compared the reconstructed in-game footage to the original TV footage, and in most cases, the sound was incredibly similar, which is a big plus.” victory for us.”

Q: What details will surprise us in the audio? Sound of changing tires, audience reactions, etc.

A: “We wanted to bring the broadcast to life, and that also meant playing the celebrations in the box! You will see and hear the reactions of your team.

“Working with Crofty and Karun was a dream come true for us, and they brought a wealth of knowledge that only comes from being immersed in the sport for so long, which allowed us to tailor all of our dialogue to be as authentic as possible. We were surprised that Crofty was able to record over 1,200 words in an hour, which shows his skills as a broadcaster.”

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