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F1 – Alonso answers: his best race, his best start and more

After the last Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022, the Asturian veteran broke a record within the reach of very few by becoming the driver with the most races started in the history of the highest category of motorsport with a total of 350 grand prix starts.

Fernando Alonso landed in Formula 1 in 2001 and, since then, has remained on the grid of the category uninterruptedly, except for the 2019 and 2020 seasons, which he took the opportunity to explore other four-wheel motorsport world championships. .

After so many years in F1, Alonso ‘s experiences are incalculable. However, the Spaniard had no problem answering some questions about the highlights of his sports career, such as his best race, his best classification and his best start, his toughest rival or the funniest moment on the track. Their responses below.

Fernando Alonso’s best race in Formula 1

“I think I’m going to say Valencia in 2012. Winning in Valencia meant a lot to me. I started 11th after a bad qualifying and I won, in Spain, with Ferrari, it was a bit unexpected. That’s my best race.”

Fernando Alonso’s best classification in F1

“Hockenheim 2012. It was a wet qualifying. We didn’t perform very well that weekend at Ferrari in dry conditions and it rained just before qualifying really hard. So we were on the edge, it was really tough, but I did one lap which I felt very proud of and I knew it could be pole position and I think that was my best lap in qualifying.”

The best overtaking of Fernando Alonso in Formula 1

I’ll pick Michael Schumacher’s in Hungary in 2006. I think it was on lap three or four of the race, on the outside at turn five. We had a great start and we were overtaking a lot of cars. But then we get to Michael and he was always completely different to overtake. He was the legend and always tried to close all possible doors.”

Fernando Alonso, Renault R26

Fernando Alonso’s best and toughest rival in F1

“Michael [Schumacher], it’s very easy. I think Michael was a very tough opponent, not only on the track, but also off the track. He was very smart, he was always very focused. And the discipline that Michael had for F1, the dedication, he was really an inspiration to all of us.”

“As a rival, probably the worst you can have, because he always did something special at the moment of truth. So he was an incredible rival and I am very proud of all those races that I fought against him.

“And as a partner, I will say that Jenson [Button], he’s a very strong driver too, very tough, but he’s also very fair to you. Just as there are people you can trust and others you trust less, but Jenson highlighted in that”.

Best performance by Fernando Alonso with Renault/Alpine in Formula 1

“I would say with Alpine, these last two years, probably Qatar last year, because I got a podium, and it was a podium without many DNFs ahead of us. Not that the Ferraris or the Red Bulls were out, they were still in. race. We got that result with our own performance, so I was happy about it.”

“In the time I spent at Renault, there are several. I remember Fuji 2008, for example, it was totally unexpected to win there. Or Imola in 2005, obviously very popular because of the engine problem.

The best country on the F1 calendar to visit according to Alonso

“Las Vegas next year, I really want to go. But I have to choose Japan, I love Suzuka, I’m a big fan of Japanese culture and I love spending a few days in Tokyo before or after the race. So Japan It’s probably my favorite destination.”

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, el delgado de Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, y Fernando Alonso, Alpine F1, en el podio

The funniest moment on the Alonso track in Formula 1

“I have to think, because there have been quite a few for sure. Normally I would enjoy when Flavio [Briatore] was talking on the radio or something. That was quite funny. I think that at Ferrari there were also very good moments. They are Italian and I am Spanish, for which we agreed a lot on the sense of humor and so on. But I can’t say one in particular at this time.”

Fernando Alonso’s best start in Formula 1

“Indianapolis, I would say, in 2004. It was a very good start, I had a very good start to the first corner and then I passed two more cars on the outside, so that’s probably my best start. There’s one here in Singapore, in 2013, I think outside, I went from seventh to third. So those two and in Spain, where there are also a couple of good starts, one behind the Red Bulls… I have a lot to choose from. I’ve always been quite good at that, right?”

The best moment of Alonso’s sports career in F1

“I hope it is still to come. I have to choose the two championships, so those two races in Brazil will always be there in the memory.”

“But it’s all been so amazing. Working with these people, such talented engineers, such smart designers. And as a driver, obviously it’s a pressure to learn from everyone and grow, because when you come into F1 at 19, you’re a child and you are surprised by everything that is here”.

“And now, at 41 years old, I feel very privileged and fortunate to spend half of my life, or even more, inside this paddock. So I’m very grateful.”

Fernando Alonso, campeón del mundo de F1 2006

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