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F1 – Alonso reacts to the sanction imposed by the FIA in Austin

The controversy in the 2022 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix race came, again, from the FIA, who decided to sanction Fernando Alonso with 30 seconds after he made an epic comeback with a badly damaged single-seater after an accident with Lance Stroll. The pilot from Oviedo went flying through the air, and even hit the protections, but he managed to continue in the test and, from the last positions, climb to seventh place where he saw the checkered flag.

However, in the process of climbing places, his A522 was shedding pieces along the way, as could be seen in the overtaking of Kevin Magnussen in which his rear-view mirror fell to the ground, something for which Haas filed a protest and it was the trigger of everything. The international federation, led by Jo Bauer , initially ruled that all the cars in the parc fermé complied with the rules, that is, they passed the technical inspection, so the six points that the two-time champion achieved would be safe, but After several hours of deliberation, the commissioners imposed a harsh punishment to which he has reacted through his social networks.

“Thank you for all the messages I received yesterday and today,” Fernando Alonso wrote in an Instagram story. “It’s one of those rare moments in sport where I feel like we’re on the same page and we share the same opinion of the rules and regulations.”

“Thursday is a very important day for the sport that we love so much, as this decision will dictate if we are going in the right direction for the future. Thanks again to everyone for the support,” assured the Spaniard through the platform.

That day, October 27, in the run-up to the Mexican Grand Prix, a member of each of the teams involved will have to connect via videoconference with the FIA to testify about the action and consider whether Alpine’s response is accepted. to Haas’s protest.

Alpine is very disappointed with the post-race penalty on car #14 at the United States Grand Prix, which means that Fernando Alonso unfortunately falls out of the points positions. Posting to your accounts.

“The team has decided to act fairly, and as the car was still structurally sound after Fernando’s accident with Lance Stroll on lap 22, with his right rear-view mirror falling off the frame as a result of Stroll’s damage,” it said. read. “The FIA has the right to show the orange and black flag during the race if they consider it unsafe and on this occasion they chose not to show it. Also, after the test, the FIA technical delegate considered the car legal.

“The team also believes that because the protest was 24 minutes past the deadline, it should not have been accepted, and the penalty should have been considered invalid. As a result, the team protests the admission of the original protest from the Haas team”, they sentenced.

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