SportF1F1 far exceeds MotoGP in free TV viewers

F1 far exceeds MotoGP in free TV viewers

Spanish fans of Formula 1 and MotoGP have been able to enjoy three open races in this 2022 season, one in the premier four-wheel category and another two in the motorcycling world championship.

All have been broadcast on Telecinco , after acquiring Mediaset rights and again, except in Aragón, which was TVE, as has happened in recent years, the F1 one was widely watched and followed more than the MotoGP ones.

The 2022 Spanish GP, the only ‘free’ race for any F1 fan in our country, was followed by a total of 1,725,000 spectators on Sunday. That meant a 15.4% share (screen share). It was a small drop compared to the same Montmeló race in 2021, which, although it had a 14% share, reached 1,839,000 viewers in front of the television.

Telecinco broadcast two of the MotoGP races held on our circuits this year, the Spanish GP held in Jerez in May, and the Aragón GP that was held on September 18 at Motorland Aragón.

The Jerez race was followed on television by 1,164,000 viewers who, yes, reached a 16.6% share. And despite the return of Marc Márquez as the world championships began to heat up, the Aragón GP was followed by only 823,000 open viewers, which gave TVE an 11.1% audience share.

These data from Aragón represent a drop in follow-up compared to the 2021 race, which 957,000 spectators saw openly on Mediaset. However, the other event from last year that could be seen for free, the San Marino GP , did not reach the numbers that Jerez has achieved this year with its 960,000 spectators.

In any case, to compare the following of F1 and MotoGP, we must also take into account the number of people who followed the races on payment platforms. Thus, the 2022 F1 Spanish GP was seen by 729,000 viewers between DAZN F1 (489,000) and the Vamos channel (240,000), the MotoGP 2022 Spanish GP was followed by 195,000 viewers on DAZN and the Aragon GP on Sunday, 174,000 viewers .

In the MotoGP of Spain, it should be noted that 36,500 people watched it on Twitch, on the channel of a well-known youtuber and streamer, TheGrefg.

That is to say, even taking as an example the most watched open race of the 2022 MotoGP season (which, to be fair, was also in the same month as the F1 season), there is more than half a million difference in follow-up between the two. highest categories of their disciplines. A very graphic example of the golden age that F1 recovered since 2021 and the slump that MotoGP has given in recent times.

Data summary:

Audience of the 2022 MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix on Telecinco

  • MotoGP race: 1,164,000 viewers (16.8% share)

MotoGP 2022 Spanish Grand Prix Audience on DAZN

  • MotoGP race: 195,000 spectators

Audience of the Spanish Grand Prix 2022 of F1 in Telecinco

  • F1 race: 1,725,000 viewers (15.4% share)

Audience of the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix of F1 between DAZN and VAMOS

  • F1 race: 729,000 spectators

Audience of the 2022 Aragón Grand Prix of MotoGP on TVE

  • MotoGP race: 823,000 viewers (11.1% share)

Audience of the 2022 MotoGP Aragon Grand Prix on DAZN

  • MotoGP race: 174,000 spectators

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