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F1 Technical – Ferrari's hope in Japan: a new ground

After several weeks, Ferrari will put its modified floor to the test at Suzuka: the Maranello team is very hopeful that this solution will yield positive results in Japan, on a track that on paper is better suited to the characteristics of the Red Bull RB18 .

The new background of the F1-75 is very recognizable, especially for one aspect in particular: the reinforcement brace is now shorter, since the anchor point on the ground has changed. It is no longer at the end of it, but has been moved to the “draw ramp”.

The engineers of the Cavallino have worked hard on the flexibility of the materials, and if you look at the arrangement of the fibers you can see that with the same design you can find different values of stiffness for the floor of the red car.

Obviously, this is the first public image of the update that Carlos Sainz already tested at Fiorano during a publicity promotion of just 15km that took place before the Singapore GP, so there will surely be more work to discover under the car.

Ferrari F1-75, dettaglio del nuovo tirante più corto sul fondo

Ferrari F1-75, detail of the new shorter tie rod on the bottom

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Ferrari F1-75, dettaglio del vecchio fondo usato fino a Singapore

Ferrari F1-75, detail of the old bottom used up to Singapore

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Although this update was already available in the Ferrari garage last weekend in Marina Bay, the Maranello engineers made the decision not to mount it, since the characteristics of the circuit were not very advantageous for a test of this type.

Due to this, at Ferrari they saw more timely that their first real contact was at Suzuka a week later, a much more standard layout in which they hope to obtain a large amount of data to analyze and continue progressing in search of a solution to their problems. recent problems.

That new floor will be out on the track for the first time in an official session tomorrow in free practice. Both drivers, Sainz and Charles Leclerc, will ride both the revised and the current (unmodified) floor, and only the numbers and data collected will decide whether the new solution is used for the rest of the weekend.

The responses obtained in those 15km of filming in Fiorano were positive, so Ferrari is confident that the modified floor could provide extra performance, in addition to solving some of its problems, and be the element that they finally use in the Japanese GP. .

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