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F1 technical gallery: the news and changes of the teams for Austria

Enjoy the images and their explanation, below

Here we see a collection of front wings outside the Mercedes garage as the team prepare their cars for action at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Mercedes W13 front wing detail

It should be noted that the inclination plane of the endplate remains in a lower position than it was mounted at Silverstone. Also noticeable is the adjuster, which is inserted into the outer section with the intention of offering aerodynamic performance.

Mercedes W13 detail

A close-up of the rear view mirror and the various aerodynamic flow conditioning elements in its vicinity, to help compensate for any loss of pressure it might cause.

Mercedes W13 detail

A look inside the pontoon, when the body had not yet been assembled. You can see that the SIS is below the air intake.

Mercedes W13 brake drum detail

As first seen at Silverstone, it appears that Mercedes has changed tack on the design of the front brake drum, moving from a closed variant to a design more geared towards allowing airflow to have the ability to move into the gap. between it and the rim. That will also allow an exchange of heat between the brakes and the rim, something that was so critical to tire management in the previous regulations.

Mercedes W13 brake drum detail

Another angle of the W13 brakes, showing how the different surfaces interlock, while highlighting the outer area of the drum, which is also not perpendicular.

Red Bull Racing RB18 detail

Peering into the Red Bull garage, we can see the layout of the RB18’s cooler, mounted above the power unit, and other ducting placed around it to help manage airflow.

Red Bull Racing RB18 rear detail

We also get a glimpse of the rear wing mount, which uses a single center pillar with an inset lip on top of the crash structure. You can also see the shape of the endplate , as it has a wider section at the top, around the wing elements, before tapering towards the ground.

Red Bull Racing RB18 brake drum detail

The RB18, prepared with closed brake drums, both front and rear.

Mercedes W13 detail

Mercedes mechanics bring a floor to the garage as they prepare the cars for action.

Mercedes W13 floor detail

The floor has several points where internal braces can be mounted, both in the center (marked with a circle) and in line with the gearbox/shock structure just behind it as well.

Ferrari F1-75 brake drum detail

Without the brake drum mounted we can see some of the pipes and channels that are used to pass airflow to certain parts.

Ferrari F1-75 brake drum detail

A look at the rear brakes during their assembly, something that also highlights the design of the inner fenders.

McLaren MCL36 brake drum detail

McLaren’s internal brake cover solution is used to help manage temperatures and reduce the passage of airflow.

McLaren MCL36 detail

A close-up of the MCL36, showing the brake reservoirs, steering, and some interior suspension items.

McLaren MCL36 rear detail

An overview of the rear of the MCL36, including the central cooling outlet, the scooped rear spoiler, and internal detail of the pipes supplying cold air to the brake caliper.

Alpine A522 nose detail

Under the nose of the Alpine A522 we find the internal shock structure and the duct that feeds the pilot’s cooling pipes.

Alpine A522 detail

A great shot of the Alpine floor and the elements that are present on the leading edge of the tunnel.

Alpine A522 detail

Under the chassis of the Alpine A522 we can see the scythe-shaped metal brace that is used to save the keel.

Alpine A522 brake drum detail

Alpine uses a long but narrow intake to collect airflow and cool the brakes. The placement of the mechanic’s hand in this photo also shows that the front section of the end fence has a gap between it and the inlet to allow air captured between the tire sidewall to follow a specific path.

Alpine A522 brake drum detail

A wrap-around caliper cover is used on the inside of the brake drum bodywork, which in Alpine’s case sits slightly rotated and has teardrop outlets to allow airflow through the section.

AlphaTauri AT03 brake drum detail

The AlphaTauri front brake without the drum mounted gives us an idea of how the airflow moves to the various components that make it up. There is also an adhesive tape that is used to block off part of the inlet to reduce flow.

AlphaTauri AT03 brake drum detail

The view from the other side of the AT03’s front brakes shows the disc fairing and the pipes that deliver cold air to the rest of the components.

Aston Martin AMR22 brake drum detail

Early in the build we get a great view of the Aston Martin AMR22’s skeleton style brake caliper. Like the Alpine, the caliper is turned and has holes to allow airflow to travel through it, along with the teardrop holes in the cap.

Aston Martin AMR22 brake drum detail

Instead, the rear caliper is mounted the other way around, but there’s still a concerted effort for cooling.

Alfa Romeo Racing C42 rear detail

The spoon-shaped rear wing used on the Alfa Romeo C42 that uses two gooseneck-style mounting pillars.

Alfa Romeo Racing C42 brake drum detail

The C42’s front brake components, including the disc, are exposed in this shot before the rest of the fairing is installed.

Alfa Romeo Racing C42 front wing detail

General view of the front wing of the C42. You can see how the slot spacers are tilted based on the local direction of airflow.

Williams’ rear wing, which features a very smooth camber in the main plane and uses a single center mount pillar.

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