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F1 technique: the different rear wings for the Canadian GP

Not surprisingly, given the logistical challenges involved in moving from Azerbaijan to Canada to compete on consecutive Sundays, this weekend the teams have not brought huge amounts of improvements, but some substantial ones.

Mercedes has arrived in Montreal with the most important parts package as it continues to look for ways to cushion the porpoising issues it continues to face.

Ferrari, as can be seen in the image illustrating this article, has focused its attention on aerodynamic efficiency, with changes to the upper elements of the rear wing and beam wing , so that they work together to reduce drag, without compromising aerodynamics. downforce.

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL36

The rear wing of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren MCL36 covered in paraffin

McLaren has also made changes to its rear wing for Canada as it looks to gain efficiency, which will also pay off when the wing is used at other circuits later in the season.

The new specification spoon -shaped rear wing can be seen (above) with paraffin sprayed on it, in order to determine if it is performing as the CFD and wind tunnel tools suggest.

Having used an extra metal brace to combat ground flex since the Miami Grand Prix, McLaren have made further changes to help improve reliability and stiffness in Canada. The bracket (below) is now mounted further in (old position, red arrow and box), to adjust how the load pulls on the metal brace.

It should also be noted that there is a lot of metal embedded in the edge of the ground surfaces, to help create more predictable conditions, which is something that has become commonplace for McLaren in recent years.

McLaren MCL36 floor stay mounting comparison

McLaren MCL36 Flat Bottom Tie Rod Comparison

Alpine have also made changes to the rear wing, reverting to a higher downforce configuration than the one used in Azerbaijan. Having introduced the stacked beam configuration with a lower downforce rear wing, the team has now made the switch to that layout, with its higher downforce configuration.

The solution (below), which closely resembles the one Red Bull has used since the start of the season, has the elements angled more upwards to suit the level of downforce on the wing.

Alpine A522 rear detail

Detail of the rear of the Alpine A522

At Aston Martin, the approach is much the same, with the AMR22 receiving a new upper flap for its rear wing (below), to increase downforce without significantly affecting drag.

The wing is more domed in the center section of the wing, giving the impression that it is taller in that section than on the outside, but you can see the geometric fit in the center portion of the rear wing sponsor.

Aston Martin AMR22 rear wing

Aston Martin AMR22 rear wing

Aston Martin AMR22 rear wing side view

Aston Martin AMR22 rear wing, top view

Red Bull, AlphaTauri, Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas F1 all declared that they had no new aero components available this weekend when they reported the updates in the car’s presentation document ahead of the event.

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