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F1 technique: this is how Ferrari created the effective suspension of his car

Ferrari’s rear suspension is particular, interesting and unusual, as the cover image shows, in which you can see how the upper triangle is oriented towards the front of the F1-75 , while the lower one is exactly the opposite, with the front arm faired in the carbon structure that also includes the axle shaft.

The engineers led by Enrico Cardile chose to place the internal kinematics of the connecting rod suspension inside the rear axle for a logical distribution of weights, while decisively moving the lower triangle towards the rear, seeking a design that would enhance traction. , two essential features in the red single-seater.

Fijación de la suspensión trasera del Ferrari F1-75

Fixing the rear suspension of the Ferrari F1-75

Last year we saw, both in the Mercedes W12 and in the Red Bull RB16B, the intention to take advantage of the suspension arms for aerodynamic purposes, with both teams betting on anchoring this element to a deformable structure, even knowing that they would have some stability problems. extra stiffness.

Ferrari therefore tried to achieve the same result without taking any reliability risks, with an arm outside the gearbox made of carbon, but it is anchored to the outer wall of the transmission via a slot.

Detalle de la suspensión trasera con triángulos muy desplazados del Ferrari F1-75

Detail of the rear suspension with very displaced triangles of the Ferrari F1-75

Thanks to the time they had, the Italian engineers were able to come up with a solution that guarantees maximum suspension stiffness, but at the same time did not have to make any sacrifices when it comes to aerodynamics.

It is no coincidence that the car from Maranello is one of the most efficient, and it is that in the first phase of acceleration at the exit of the slow corners it is the best.

The shape of the F1-75, with such a floor , contributes to increasing vertical thrust at low speeds, but the mechanical aspect has also assumed an essential role in tire degradation, given that with the new Pirelli 18-inch more lowered, it is the suspension that has to fulfill the function of cushioning the tires.

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