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F1 to review Safety Car protocol after Mick Schumacher scare

During a period in which the safety car came out on the track, the onboard images of Mick Schumacher’s car showed the moment in which the German driver got a big scare when avoiding Yuki Tsunoda with a sharp left turn , which had suddenly braked in front of him.

The Japanese driver, in turn, was trying to stay away from his own AlphaTauri teammate, Frenchman Pierre Gasly, who was just one position ahead.

Mick Schumacher was so shaken by his near miss that he yelled ” holy cow ” (a frightened expression with which he avoids swearing, something like ‘holy crap’) over the team radio.

The three drivers were called to testify before the stewards, who reviewed everything that had happened and decided that no further action should be taken in this regard, since it was caused by the movements of the drivers trying to warm up their tires and brakes.

However, the stewards also issued a recommendation that the issue be discussed at upcoming meetings between drivers and FIA race directors.

“The stewards do not find any driver guilty of breaking the rules, but it is clear that the speed and braking capabilities of F1 cars, especially when trying to maintain the required temperatures in the tires and brakes, are under constant stress. with the distance of ten single-seaters”, the distance they must maintain between them when they are behind the safety car according to the regulations.

“This should be one of the talking points at future pilot briefings, for them to collectively agree on the best way to address this issue before an unfortunate incident occurs,” the statement concluded.

As for Kevin Magnussen, who was investigated for allegedly forcing Fernando Alonso to leave the track, the stewards did not take any action either.

“After MAG passed ALO at turn 3, ALO went off track and tried to overtake MAG on the outside going through turn 4. Both cars went through turn 4 side by side, but ALO was out track”.

“The drivers (Alonso and Magnussen) agreed that it was a tough fight without any breach of the rules. The stewards agree and will not take any further action.”

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