SportF1F1 witnesses and honors Roger Federer's retirement from tennis

F1 witnesses and honors Roger Federer's retirement from tennis

The world of sports has always had legends and idols who have marked a whole generation of young people who grew up dreaming of emulating their deeds. Someone who has surely inspired many in his childhood in Roger Federer , the tennis legend, who at 41 years old announced his departure from the courts after winning 103 ATP tournaments and 20 Grand Slams.

The Swiss holds the record for the most consecutive weeks as number 1 on the men’s circuit, a total of 237, the equivalent of 4 and a half years continuously. In his illustrious career, he was also a medalist at the 2012 London Olympics, where he garnered silver, and at Beijing 2008, where he tasted the gold metal alongside Stanislas Wawrinka .

Although Formula 1 and the racket sport bear little resemblance, the drivers and teams have always looked at the figure of the Basel driver, and in his farewell to the frenetic life of a professional athlete, an illustrious young man from the Great Circus wanted to be there , George Russell.

In the Laver Cup , a team tournament in which twelve tennis players fight to win divided between Europe and the Rest of the World, the one from Mercedes witnessed Federer’s withdrawal, and left a record through his social networks.


“It’s great to catch up with Roger Federer after the last match of his incredible career. He is not only one of the greatest athletes of all time, but also one of the nicest people you will ever meet,” the Briton wrote in his post. twitter account. “The same goes for Andy Murray, a very funny guy!”

However, the author of the pole position at the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix was not the only one who wanted to say goodbye to thank everything the Swiss did for the sport. Carlos Sainz Jr. dedicated a few words to the tennis legend on the same social network: “It has been an absolute pleasure to see you play all these years! Thank you, Roger Federer.”


The tennis player’s tears were those of all those who grew up and enjoyed his titanic battles against Rafa Nadal , whether on the clay of Roland Garros in Paris, or on the grass of Wimbledom in London. His legacy will live on forever, as the Alfa Romeo team recognized: “Races end. Legends live forever.”

“Thank you for the emotions, Roger Federer: for the raised flag, for rewriting history, for creating a dream,” said the team with which one of the best athletes the world of sport has seen shares nationality.


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