LivingFebruary 14, European Sexual Health Day

February 14, European Sexual Health Day

February 14 is internationally known as Valentine’s Day . But beyond the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers or jewelry, Valentine’s Day has become an awareness day for Europe. Since 2003, derived from a proposal by the European Alliance for Sexual Health (ESHA), February 14 is the European Sexual Health Day .

The WHO defines sexual health as “ a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality ; which is not only the absence of disease, dysfunction or disability. For sexual health to be achieved and maintained, the sexual rights of all people must be respected, protected and fully exercised ”. With this definition in mind is how the European community has raised this day, a special date in which to influence the importance of a respectful and healthy sexual life and raise awareness of the existing risks.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), cases of bullying or discrimination due to sexual orientation ( lgtbphobia ) or addictive behaviors are some of the dangers that are related to sexual health and that days like this try to teach to combat and control . In addition, special emphasis is placed on existing contraceptive methods and respectful approaches to sexual life. Young people, especially those adolescents who are beginning to discover their sexual life, are the target audience to which all these types of messages are directed .

February 14 also intends to serve as a protest date in which universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, sexual education that trains and informs the population and the defense of physical integrity and sexual life is still demanded. free and respectful to all people.

Sex is an inherent part of human life , which grows alongside us and whose conception has evolved with the social changes that occurred. Even with the enormous advances in sexual liberation that have been made since the mid-1960s , the existence of these days dedicated to sexual health is still necessary to tear down the walls that restrict a subject that still smells of taboo. Numerous organizations and institutions promote precisely the normalization of sex in society and promote specialized education that trains future generations to be more respectful, healthy and comfortable with their sexuality.

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