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Fernando Alonso seeks a Formula 1 record that no one has achieved in history

This May 12 marks the eighth anniversary of Fernando Alonso’s last victory in Formula 1. Although the Asturian hopes to get back to the top of the podium in 2022, when the change in regulations comes into force, no driver won again after seven-year drought. The last to do so was Pastrese, who after winning in South Africa 1983, did it again in San Marino 1990. In recent history, the longest dry spell between two victories is held by Kimi Raikkonen, who won in Australia 2013 and the United States in 2018. Fernando Alonso is 39 years old and not only aspires to win again in Formula 1, but also to be world champion again. However, only Guiseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio and Jack Brabham have achieved it with more than forty years. The first champion in history, Farina, achieved it at 43 years and 10 months. The longevity record is held by Fangio, who achieved the first of his five Formula 1 World Cups with 40 years and the last with 46 years, 1 month and 11 days. Brabham, in 1966, was the last driver to be proclaimed champion at the age of 40. In his struggle to make history, Fernando Alonso could enter the select club of drivers who were proclaimed world champions of Formula 1 after leaving the Great Circus. This is something that only Niki Lauda and Alain Prost have achieved. Unlike Oviedo, Lauda and Prost returned to Formula 1 with winning cars. Niki Lauda, who like Alonso, left the Gran Circo in 1979 being two-time world champion after a bad experience at Brabham. He returned from the hand of McLaren in 1982, and that year he has already won two races. In 1984, on the other hand, he was proclaimed world champion by half a point of advantage over Alain Prost.Prost was precisely the last driver to be Formula 1 champion after leaving the great circus. The Frenchman was a three-time champion when he was fired in 1991 by Ferrari for calling it a “truck.” Alain Prost took a year off and returned to Williams in 1993, when he became world champion again. After this feat, he decided to retire permanently. Prost’s optimism with Alonso Curiously, Prost, who now works as an advisor at Alpine, is optimistic with Fernando Alonso. “I don’t see anyone beating Mercedes in 2021; in 2022, maybe Alpine and Alonso, “he recently declared.” Fernando is very demanding and a perfectionist. Ask a lot. It is up to us to assume it. He is well aware that this year he will probably not be able to win races, but the truth is that even if he has a car to be tenth, he will fight body and soul to achieve it “, added the Frenchman in another subsequent interview. Alain Prost also confirmed that the hopes of the team were put on the next season, yet he warned of the danger of neglecting this one: “Everyone talks about 2022, because everything is directed towards then, but to do the best possible in 2022 you have to have done the best possible in 2021, Although the cars are not comparable. Team, environment, structure, motivations, synergies at the highest level since 2021 ”. The best car in history for Alonso It should be noted that Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, has promised Fernando Alonso the best car in history in 2022:“ What we want to do is to continue building what we have. The Enstone team has changed a lot in recent years, working on a car that has reached its limits. It is a good car, it is not the best as we can see, but it is a good car.This does not mean that we want to extract the maximum in each race and also adjust the operation of the organization while making sure to build the best car in history for the next regulatory era. ”“ In the team there are tons of people who are very good, But there’s a little change: Marcin Budkowski came in, started putting his touch on the team, we hired a couple of high-profile engineers, and I’m sure this new mayo will taste good next year. We are French, so we know a thing or two about mayonnaise, “he added optimistically. Alonso’s optimism with Alpine Fernando Alonso has also been optimistic about Alpine:” I think the team is renewed, motivated and has the potential to be a team champion in the future. I’m sure of that. I don’t know if it will take two, five or seven years, but we are in a good project and I am enjoying it. ”However, everything will depend on the change of regulations. “The car that is born well, leads the decade of that regulation. We saw it with Red Bull and with Mercedes. If you’re in those cars, you win four or five titles. In the past you won one and the next one was a flip ”, he stressed. Will Fernando Alonso manage to end his drought and set a new Formula 1 record?

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