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Fernando Alonso vs Carlos Sainz, the hand in hand that Spain dreams of in 2022

In more than 70 years of Formula 1 history , no two Spanish drivers have ever been seen fighting for glory on the tarmac. Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz fighting hand in hand for pole positions, for victories, for the world title of the most important automobile competition in the world in 2022… Is it an impossible dream for the Spanish fans?

In Formula 1 you need two fundamental tools to succeed: individual talent and a winning car. In the first section, Fernando Alonso already showed his qualities more than 15 years ago, when he chained two world titles, and Carlos Sainz is coming off a great season of confirmation. In the second, he plans so much uncertainty about the new F1 that any forecast sounds risky right now. All the more reason to suggest that almost any scenario is possible, also with the two Spaniards who accumulate the most Grand Prix behind their backs.

Fernando Alonso goes ahead with El Plan . This is how he baptized the process with which both he and Alpine want to ascend to the fight in the noble zone of the grid. At 40 years old, the Spaniard from Oviedo has given ample evidence that his hunger and talent remain intact and, far from thinking about retirement, he plans to continue in the competition for several more years. His first podium since 2014 and the improvement of a team that, in essence, is the same Renault that helped him to his world titles, give him license to dream.

More gallons for Carlos Sainz

Even better are the prospects for Carlos Sainz . The Madrid native this year has been the best of ‘mortals’, that fight between the 16 drivers who do not race for Mercedes and Red Bull , and has even surprised Ferrari’s own giants by beating Charles Leclerc in his first year at Maranello . He has been on the podium three times in red and in Monaco he was on the brink of the first victory of his career.

“I only ask Ferrari that the car goes like a rocket and I will do the rest,” asks the Madrid driver, whose calm style, in preference to speaking on the track rather than on the microphones, has allowed him to reach maturity at 27 years old. Feel that the best is yet to come and that you are in the perfect place. Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of F1 and this year it has taken a huge step forward, going from sixth to third place in the Constructors’ World Championship.

Revolutionary cars to shake the shaker

Formula 1 is going through a somewhat contradictory moment. Five years ago, Liberty Media bought the competition by paying over 7 billion euros to old fox Bernie Ecclestone . At that time, Mercedes was fully enjoying its dictatorship and the title fight was reduced to a duel between its drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg . The new owners wanted more excitement and the only way was to change the regulations.

A year late due to the pandemic, that moment has come after the most exciting denouement in history. When Verstappen has finally managed to break seven years of dominance of the German team, the long-awaited moment comes to shake the cocktail shaker. Stiff ears at Mercedes and Red Bull and shovels of hope for the other eight teams.

F1 has been working on the new car since 2017 and has run more than 7,500 computer simulations that have accumulated half a petabyte of data, the equivalent of ten million filing cabinets full of documents. In two months the first preseason test will be held and it will be time to transfer all that information to the asphalt.

The groundbreaking new car will feature a simplified design, larger tires and greater aerodynamic efficiency through ground effect. All these measures are aimed at leveling the fight on the track. At the Maranello (Ferrari) and Enstone (Alpine) factories, a large part of Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso’s options for 2022 are being cooked right now. The Spanish fans cross their fingers.

Fernando Alonso already has a presentation date for his new car

Alpine has set the presentation date for the new car that Fernando Alonso will drive in the Formula 1 World Championship

Fernando Alonso already has a presentation date for his new car

Alpine has set the presentation date for the new car that Fernando Alonso will drive in the Formula 1 World Championship

Fernando Alonso incorporates Flavio Briatore into the Plan

The possible arrival of Flavio Briatore to the Alpine team continues to heat up and Fernando Alonso has stoked that fire

Carlos Sainz activates the mysterious project 674 of Ferrari

Carlos Sainz will get into the Ferrari for the first time this year during the test days that the Italian team will hold this week

Fernando Alonso's Plan is painted rosy

Alpine cars could feature pink next season if sponsorship deal with BWT is confirmed