NewsFinal jungle out for Lucas Cordalis

Final jungle out for Lucas Cordalis

Day three in the RTL jungle camp brings disgusting, unfair, outrageous things about preferences on a porn platform – and the sad end of a jungle dream.

Berlin – From the dream of the heir to the throne: the singer Lucas Cordalis will no longer move into the RTL jungle camp.

The risk is just too great, said the moderators Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich on Sunday evening at the beginning of the show “I’m a star – get me out of here”. Cordalis had traveled to the film location in South Africa, but had tested positive for Corona there. Most recently, broadcasters – and probably Cordalis himself – had hoped for a delayed move. That hope has now been dashed.

Reality star Daniela Katzenberger’s husband is doing well, he has no symptoms, the broadcaster announced shortly before the start of the show. In the case of the singer, the infection was detected in a PCR test after entering South Africa.

The 54-year-old is the son of the first “jungle king” Costa Cordalis and his participation was already certain about a year before the start. “They asked me many times and I always said no,” Cordalis had said in mid-2021. “I thought: One king in the family is enough. But my father is gone now and I think he would be happy if I get that far.”

The 15th season of the reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” had started on Friday. Who of the remaining eleven candidates is allowed to put on the jungle crown should be determined on February 5th.

jungle debates

Cordalis missed, as Linda Nobat called fellow camper Janina Youssefian in the Sunday evening episode quite unveiled underexposed and then asked for an apology – from Youssefian. After the two had nevertheless managed their jungle test together in the animal and disgusting slime-infested “Traumahaus der Stars” and found five stars, Nobat had to ungrudgingly acknowledge the sovereignty of the others. In the episode on Monday, the two have to go back – but supported by Anouschka Renzi and Harald Glööckler.

Cordalis also did not hear live what Austrian Tara Tabitha knew about the account of her feet (size 37) on a porn platform. Apparently they brought her good money there – also thanks to the profitable sale of socks worn for days and toenails cut off.

But even though it seemed after this report that Tabitha could not shock much in this world, it did not save her from a temporary collapse. The reason: the realization that flirt partner Filip Pavlovic may not be as interested in her as hoped – and that the whole thing is also being filmed. “Feel like someone is watching me all the time.” Oh my. dpa

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Harald Glööckler is a fashion designer and self-proclaimed "walking spare parts store" - but the "pompous" total work of art is denied a jungle crown. Glööckler flies out of the RTL jungle.

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The jungle camp is being built in South Africa - but the men's quota is now reminiscent of the Vatican. After the departure of Anouschka Renzi, only gentlemen romp around the campfire - a historical curiosity.

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Zoff and gossip, but also a reconciliation could be seen on Friday evening in the RTL jungle camp. After the snake pit there was also the first real expulsion.