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Finding Czech Goods in Prague Here's how to hit the jackpot and find art, glass, shoes, and jewelry

One of the best side benefits of traveling is taking home as locally made and iconic country souvenirs. If you go to Prague, you will find many examples of Czech products that are great, not kitsch, and you may not be able to find them anywhere else, and certainly not for the prices you will find in Prague.Most of these items can be found in shops in Old Town Prague, a convenient place for travelers. Years later, when you look at the things you have bought, you will remember your trip to Prague and the Czech Republic and you will have something unusual that you cannot buy in the United States at the business.

Czech puppets

Czech puppets are incredible pieces of three-dimensional art that preserve the Czech tradition of puppet making. While Czech puppets can be expensive, they are sure to become pieces of heirloom in your family that will inspire conversation and creativity.

Czech art

If you are looking for authentic Czech art, you won’t have to look far, no matter your budget. Buy a sketch or painting from a vendor on Charles Bridge for affordable art that will nonetheless brighten your home and remind you of the beauty of Prague for years to come. Or visit fine art dealers to add to their unique collection.


Souvenirs and traditional handmade bath products can be found at Manufaktura. Textiles, wooden kitchen utensils and Czech Easter eggs are just some of the items available here. There are several locations around Prague, so be sure to research at least one outlet while you’re there.


Czech-made beauty products fill Botanicus stores from wall to wall. Natural ingredients infuse soap, shampoo, and candles with herbal, fruity, or floral fragrances and health-promoting characteristics.

Halada Jewelry

Although not all jewelry at Halada is manufactured in-house, Halada has its own line. Czech jewelry is world famous and you can take home a piece that will last a lifetime. Ask an assistant to help you find or design a special gem that can only be found in Prague.

Bata shoes

Bata Shoes was founded on innovation, with its first big hit in 1897 with a shoe made from leather and canvas, making it more affordable than leather shoes. By 1905 it was the largest shoe manufacturer in Europe, and the 1930s ushered in its golden age, and its shoes were sold all over the world. Bata made its first tennis shoe in 1936, and it has become a trademark of the company.

Czech cup

Czech glass is a world-renowned benchmark for quality, and the lead crystal and cut glass there are unmatched in weight, brilliance, and skilled workmanship. You will also find Czech glass in characteristic colors of red, blue, green and brown. Czech glass is also commonly called Bohemian glass in the United States.

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