NewsFire brigade rescues exhausted raccoons from the Elbe

Fire brigade rescues exhausted raccoons from the Elbe

Emergency in the harbor basin of Wedel near Hamburg: The fire brigade had to rescue a raccoon from the water.

Bad Segeberg – The fire brigade rescued a completely exhausted raccoon from the Elbe harbor in Wedel near Pinneberg.

The animal, which did not make it out of the pool on its own, clung to a board, the police said on Friday. Fire brigade comrades pulled the raccoon into a rubber dinghy. The exhausted animal was then taken to a wildlife sanctuary in a transport box. The animal rescue occurred on Thursday. dpa

Storm surge on the North Sea remains within limits

The storm surge in northern Germany was lower than predicted. At the Hamburg fish market, the water only spilled over a little. However, another warning is to be expected.

Storm surge warning on the North Sea coast

It's supposed to be on the North Sea - and the consequences could also affect Hamburg. Experts predict floods. Drivers should prepare.

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Baltic Sea: Experts warn of storm surge

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