Four years in prison for raping a 12-year-old girl

A 35-year-old has been convicted in Munich of raping and severely sexually abusing a 12-year-old. A total of nine men are accused of taking part in the crime.

Triple murder process: Dentist confesses – in a letter from custody

A dentist is on trial in Kiel for allegedly shooting his wife, her boyfriend and his buddy last May. A witness describes him as a man "with two faces".

Bury climate-neutral: "Reburial" is being tested in the north

The deceased are transformed into a kind of humus in a so-called cocoon by microorganisms. This saves one tonne of CO2 per corpse compared to cremation.

Wedding to go on 2/22/22

Already married today? If not, particularly spontaneous couples with a preference for Schnaps numbers can still do that in northern Germany today - under certain conditions.

Storm surge warning for the north again at the start of the week

The water levels of the North Sea, Weser and Elbe can deviate significantly from normal high water on Monday morning. On the coast, gusts of wind up to force nine can be expected at times, said a BSH spokesman.

Storm surge in the north – fish market under water

The fish market has been under water a few times in the last few days. Now it was time again: Land under.

Storm depression "Nadia" causes severe damage

One person dies when an election poster falls on him, another is seriously injured when he is hit by a falling tree. Storm depression "Nadia" sweeps across Germany - with serious consequences.

Storm tide and a lot of wind: "Nadia" ensures hundreds of operations

Police and fire brigade are required. The Hamburg fish market is under water, trains and ferries are canceled. And on the North Sea, seafarers have to abseil onto a freighter when the wind is force 10.


Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

Mexico has a great wealth of renewable sources and, with the commitment to create the conditions for a sustainable future, Enel is the energy manager of the leading companies in various industries.

"And a recharge, please": Mexicans lower the amount to recharge their cell phones to 89 pesos due to inflation

The Ciu consultancy expects that this amount will even drop to 87 pesos in the following months "due to inflationary pressure."

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