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Florida theme park meal deals

You’re visiting your favorite theme park and you have to eat, but the selections on offer are often mediocre and expensive. You’re not alone: According to many visitors, food is one of the worst things about theme parks. Some parks have made an effort to offer healthier rates, but there are still complaints about the high prices.

Theme park food deals

The Disney Dining Plan offers a variety of dining options for resort guests. However, it is limited to those who purchase a Disney vacation package that also includes staying at a Disney hotel and purchasing theme park tickets. While it gets the nod for the variety of plans, food venues, and restaurants, it is often criticized for its overall cost (still quite expensive), although it offers a discount of up to 10, 20, or 30 percent or more on meals for adults, depending on the selected plan.

Disney’s dining plan is flexible. It can also include breakfast and snacks, depending on the plan purchased. The Disney Meal Plan can be used any day of your visit and in various meal combinations.

Other parks that offer food deals

Other Florida theme parks have jumped on the food bandwagon and now offer a variety of food options that can be purchased before your visit to the park. Of course, they all require general park admission that is not included in the price of the meal, and with most, you exchange your meal ticket for a wristband that is valid for the day only. You can’t share meals either, so picky, light eaters may not get their money’s worth. We’ll see.

Orlando Universal Food Offer

Universal Orlando offers its Universal Dining Plan, an all-you-can-eat meal ticket. One-day quick-service lunch and dinner options are available at participating restaurants in each park, Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure, if you pay more than $ 21.99, plus tax; Or, buy the Meal Plan plus the Refillable Coca-Cola Souvenir Mug for $ 27.99.

Booking a Universal Resort Vacation Package? The Universal Dining Plan is available to resort guests only. The selection of places to eat is growing and includes one table-service meal, one quick-service meal, and one snack per day. There’s also a one-day Coca-Cola souvenir mug that offers free refills throughout the day at any of the park’s meal deal locations for just $ 12.99, plus tax.

Your Universal Meal Deal ticket must be exchanged for a wristband at any participating restaurant. Meal offerings include one entrée and one dessert per trip through the foodservice line. Sharing food is NOT allowed and children must order from the children’s menu.

Dining deal at Busch Gardens

The Busch Gardens Tampa Bay All-Day Dining Deal is one of the most expensive at an advance price online of $ 33.99 for adults or $ 16.99 for children, 3-9 years old (children under 3 years old can share with an adult ). With this all-you-can-eat offer, each time in line, a meal offer participant can choose a starter, side OR dessert and a platter drink, iced tea, or 20 oz. Desani water.

Of course, general admission is required (over $ 90 per day unless you are an annual pass holder). The all-day gastronomic offer ticket must be exchanged for a bracelet at the Zagora Patio Bar, just inside the main entrance. Sharing is NOT allowed and children must order from the kids menu only. Busch Gardens all-day dining offering excludes baby back ribs. Take away food is not allowed.

Seaworld Orlando Food Offer

SeaWorld Orlando’s all-day dining deal is also one of the most expensive, starting at $ 34.99 for adults and starting at $ 19.99 for children ages 3-9 (children under 3 can share with an adult). This all-you-can-eat meal offering allows the participant to choose a starter, side OR dessert and a fountain drink, iced tea, or 20 oz. Desani water each time through the line.

The all-day gastronomic offer ticket must be exchanged for a bracelet. Sharing is NOT allowed and takeout is not allowed. Children should order from the children’s menu only. SeaWorld Orlando’s all-day dining offering excludes baby back ribs.

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