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For Honor and Hitman: The Complete First Season Between February's PlayStation Plus Games

February will be a bittersweet month for PlayStation Plus subscribers: on the one hand, PS4 users will add five games , two of them really outstanding such as For Honor and Hitman: The Complete First Season. On the other hand, it will be the last batch of games for PS3 and PS Vita .

Of course, Sony says goodbye to PS3 with a real gem: nothing less than Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. An essential title and one of the maximum exclusivities that the console has had throughout its history.

The initiative to turn the page with PS3 and PS Vita will be to offer better services for PS4 users, who will receive an unexpected incentive in early February: cloud storage space will go from 10 GB to 100 GB for all members of PS Plus. An extra storage to save games.

Free games for PS4

The big games of February offer action and creativity in abundance, one in a wilder way with Ubisoft’s historical fighting bet, while the other is much more subtle, but no less deadly:

The two heavyweights

  • For Honor (valued at 29.99 euros) Ubisoft’s fighting proposal will allow us to fight with the best fighters from various factions in huge historical settings: samurai, Vikings, knights … to which faction will you offer your sword?
  • Hitman: The Complete First Season (valued at 59.99 euros) The episodic adventure of Agent 47 in full and with extra content. You must eliminate a series of objectives scattered throughout the planet relentlessly. Action, infiltration and a little bit of strategy make it a deadly combination.

Betting on PlayStation Talents

  • Rolling BOB (valued at 14.99 euros)

Awarded the ‘Most Innovative Game’ award from the PlayStation Talents 2015, Rolling BOB proposes us to draw for all kinds of things throughout 30 levels to overcome challenges, platforms and final bosses.

Advantages of cross-game

  • Gunhouse (valued at 12.99 euros)
  • Rogue Aces (valued at 12.99 euros)

Like every month, PS4 users will add two extra games to their incentives thanks to the cross-play system with the Sony laptop.

Free games for PS3 and PS Vita

  • Divekick (PS3, PS Vita) (Valued at 4.99 euros)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) (Valued at 14.99 euros)
  • Gunhouse (PS4, PS Vita) (valued at 12.99 euros)
  • Rogue Aces (PS4, PS Vita) (valued at 12.99 euros)

Solid Snake will put the finishing touch to the games that will be offered as an incentive to PS3 and PS Vita owners. Of course, we will have a few extra days to claim them: Divekick, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gunhouse and Rogue Aces can be downloaded for free until March 8, 2019, while the PS4 games will be available until March 5.

However, we recommend downloading them as soon as they are available: from February 5 .

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