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For Verstappen it would be "a great shame" if F1 loses Spa

Since Liberty Media’s arrival in the highest category of motorsport, one of its goals has been to expand the calendar with new venues outside Europe and, at the moment, the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps is one of the historic European races who is at serious risk.

The event organizers are doing everything they can to save the event and sign a new contract with the FOM , after spending a lot of money on the facilities to improve their entertainment offer during a grand prix weekend.

However, all the rumors are that South Africa will join Las Vegas as the new host of the 24-race calendar for 2023, so along with France, it looks like Belgium may eventually have to make its way.

Max Verstappen, of Dutch nationality although of Belgian origin, said that Spa-Francorchamps is his favorite track and admitted that it would be “a great pity” if it disappeared from the calendar.

“It would be a great shame to lose Spa. It’s my favorite circuit in the whole world and I also think with the recent changes they’ve made and stuff, it’s gotten better,” Verstappen said.

“I think it’s an amazing track for a Formula 1 car, or any car to be honest, with all those high-speed corners and the whole lap in general.

Max Verstappen al voalnte del Red Bull Racing RB16B en Spa-Francorchamps

Max Verstappen at the wheel of the Red Bull Racing RB16B at Spa-Francorchamps

Although the organizers of Spa are not in favor of alternating their race with France or any other venue, that option could become the only way to save both races from the total disappearance of the calendar of motorsport’s top category.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz also hopes that all parties reach an agreement so that Formula 1 can continue to visit Spa, even if it is not every season.

“I think an agreement has to be reached, because in the end, I think we all like to go to France or Spa, but at the same time the category seems to be growing a lot,” said the Spanish driver.

“I think there are a lot of new venues that are paying a lot of money to be part of Formula 1. And it’s hard, from a business point of view, to say no to this.”

“I think the best thing would be to reach an agreement to do a kind of rotation, races that alternate their slot in the calendar every year, but I hope that at most, every two or three seasons we can visit Spa with a Formula 1 car.”

“I just wish that, even if new venues like Las Vegas, South Africa or whatever, we can go back to France or Spa from time to time to continue enjoying those types of circuits,” he concluded.

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