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Formula 1 is going to try another qualifying system in 2023

With the FIA keen to reduce the number of tires used on a grand prix weekend, F1 teams last week backed a plan to reduce the number of sets available to drivers from 13 to 11 at two events in 2023.

The FIA statement stated: “This will be done to assess the impact of the reduction in tire allocation at the track, with the general intention of moving to more sustainable use of tires in the future.”

It has now emerged that experiments in reducing the number of tire sets will also be combined with a new qualifying format for those two grands prix.

Drivers are currently completely free to choose which tires to use in the three qualifying rounds (Q1, Q2 and Q3), but in those tests next year the choice of tire compound will be compulsory for each section.

In the revised rules published by the FIA, it was confirmed that drivers will be forced to use hard tires in Q1, medium tires in Q2 and soft tires in Q3.

If any of the sessions is declared wet, the choice of tires will be free.

As well as forcing drivers to use a specific compound for each round, the tire usage reshuffle will also change the number of each set that can be used during chosen Grand Prix weekends.

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22, Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522,and Esteban Ocon, Alpine A522

Currently, of the 13 sets available to drivers in a non-sprint race weekend (including the ‘extra’ soft for Q3 drivers), the rule dictates that drivers receive eight soft, three medium and two hard.

For the two events in which the qualifying experiment will take place, drivers will have access to four soft, four medium and three hard.

The change in philosophy should ensure that drivers use a wider variety of tires during the race weekend, so at the end of a grand prix fewer compounds will have been wasted.

Beyond the assessment of new tire allocation and qualifying for 2023, the FIA has also approved plans to test Pirelli’s development of future tires at two grands prix this year in 2022.

The rules state that the new dry tire specifications can be used by any driver during FP2 on non-sprint race weekends, including rookies who have to contest some free practice sessions in 2022 due to the new rule for help younger pilots.

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