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Fortnite week 10: how to complete all Season 6 contracts, challenges and missions

Season 6 of Fortnite brings us a new ration of missions and challenges with which to level up faster in the Battle Pass. This time it will be time to build sand castles, how to kill with a pickaxe and destroy special sand castles.

Below you have all the missions of week 10 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them. We also leave you here the best tricks in our Fortnite Season 6 guide.

Contracts, challenges and missions of week 10 in Season 6

Eliminate a player while swimming

As simple as going to Team Rumble, getting lucky with locating the last circles of the storm, and taking down someone passing by while you’re in the water.

Deal damage to players within 30 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus

A challenge that you can complete in several games and in which we are asked to accumulate 150 points of damage when falling from the bus. They do not have to be straightforward, but they can be through several games. Team scuffle seems like the most logical option.

Pickaxe removal

Another challenge where Team Scrimmage can be of great help. We will have to finish an opponent with the pickaxe, so stay tuned when falling into enemy territory or play it with players who forget to jump at the beginning of the game.

Build special sand castles

Where to build the special sand castles on the Fortnite map

As simple as going to the beach south of Setos Sagrados, where the colored houses are, and building three special sand castles.

Deal damage to supply drops as they fall

We will have to do 100 points of damage to supply drops while they fall with their parachute. In Team Melee it will be a breeze.

Opponent player structures destroyed with a vehicle

As simple as destroying enemy structures driving a vehicle, be it a motorboat, car or truck. In Team Brawl you shouldn’t have much trouble getting through it.

Destroy special sand castles

Where are the special sand castles on the Fortnite map

You must destroy three special sand castles. If you don’t know where to find them, you can find them thanks to our guide with map or go to the beach that is near the new island in the south.

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