LivingFree baby baskets: how to get them

Free baby baskets: how to get them

When we are expecting a baby, the shopping list can be eternal, especially if we do not know where to start and we do not know the brands (an issue that will not happen until you start trying and discarding). That’s why free layettes can be a fantastic way to discover products, especially if we’re new parents.

Are these baskets really free?

On an economic level, yes: the vast majority are free, although the reward they receive in return is our data (pregnant women and recent parents are a very attractive market niche). Some charge you shipping costs, and in case you do not want to pay them, they usually have collection points throughout the country.

Pregnancy basket

This basket guarantees that you always have free samples of products such as diapers, pacifiers and samples of baby food products, and others in a timely manner such as baby bottles and discount coupons on various brands.

Its collection points are Toys R Us, Imaginarium, Toy Planet, Bóboli and Ecox, and if you want them to send it home you must pay the shipping costs (7 euros).

How to get it? In Pregnancy Basket

Lets Family

This baby basket comes in a beautiful box that contains free samples of products focused on babies and families. It is received, when your baby turns six months old, by those people who are registered on their platform.

According to the brand, this box is sent at six months because it is a key time in the baby’s life , especially in terms of their ability to explore and the start of complementary feeding.

How to get it? On the Let’s Family website

Gadis Baby Basket

Baby Gadis is a platform created by this supermarket that brings together content created by experts on motherhood and parenting. To request the basket you must ask for a coupon at any of its establishments , fill it out with your personal data and deliver it together with a photocopy of your DNI and the Family Book or Registry Certificate.

How to get it? In the physical stores of Gadis.

Welcome Baby Caprabo

This basket includes products for the baby and for the mother, gifts, discounts on childcare items and a complete advice guide.

To obtain it, the father or mother of the baby must be holders of the Customer Card (one can be assigned at the time), and it must be requested before the newborn reaches the first six months of life. Then it can be picked up at the chosen store after 15 days by presenting the Family Book or the Adoption Sentence.

How to get it? On Caprabo’s website

Baby Basket from the MAS Supermarket

When you request the basket for the baby, in addition to a box with products for your care and hygiene, the supermarket will also register you in the Family Plan with which you will receive special savings coupons every month on infant food and hygiene products, up to that your son turns 4 years old.

How to get it? Calling 955 641 368

Magnifying Supermarket Basket

This free basket includes basic products for the first days with the family (diapers, bottle, wipes, cleaning products…), and exclusive discount vouchers for parents. To get it, the mother or father of the baby must be the holder of the Lupa club card and have it activated. This request must be made within thirty days of the baby’s birth and will only be granted to babies born and residing in the provinces where Lupa has supermarkets.

How to get it? On the Club Lupa website

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