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Gallery: the technical news of the F1 cars in Monaco!

Ferrari F1-75 front wing detail

A close-up of the front wings of the Ferrari F1-75 for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix.

Red Bull Racing RB18 side detail

A look under the covers of the Red Bull RB18 as it prepares for action, with the tip of the upper SIS visible as it protrudes behind the intake bodywork and the lower one positioned on the floor section, barely visible.

Ferrari F1-75 side detail

An overview of the front floor of the Ferrari F1-75 , an older specification than the one they used at the Spanish GP, with a lower and shorter outer area.

Ferrari F1-75 side detail

The rear floor mounted Ferrari F1-75 for Monaco, confirming that they have set it up to the older specification as it has the L-shaped lip spoiler.

Mercedes mechanics prepping the W13 ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix and, unsurprisingly, fitting a high-downforce rear wing.

Another angle of the Mercedes W13 giving us a better view of the sidepod arrangement, with a tall but narrow entrance, feeding the radiators that have been recessed into the interior of the chassis.

Mercedes W13 brake drum detail

The front brake drum of the W13 is much more simplified this year, due to new regulatory restrictions.

Mercedes has two metal brackets placed within the dividing section of the car, between the bib and the underside of the chassis, to help control the deflection of the former when it comes into contact with the tarmac.

Red Bull Racing RB18 detail

A great opportunity to see much of the Red Bull RB18 management team .

Red Bull Racing RB18 rear detail

Red Bull have fitted a high downforce rear wing, with the idea of capturing images to help them understand how much flex it has. You will use the checkered stickers, seen on the outer sections of the endplate , to study their movement.

Red Bull Racing RB18 brake drum detail

A great shot of the RB18 without the engine cover attached. You can see the use of additional bodywork that connects to the heat exchangers to help direct flow. Also look at the grilles as diffusers, which coincide with the exterior grilles to channel the heat that is expelled.

Ferrari F1-75 detail

A look at some of the normally hidden details of the Ferrari F1-75 , including the brake cylinders and some of the internal suspension elements.

McLaren MCL36 rear detail

An under the hood look at the McLaren MCL36, with not only the heat exchangers visible inside the sidepod, but also the saddle cooler above the power unit.

McLaren MCL36 rear detail

A look at the McLaren MCL36 ‘s rear wing, including its gooseneck-shaped center mount pillar, which wraps around the exhaust and is attached to the DRS activator pod.

Alpine A522 detail

Similarly, we look at the rear wing layout of the Alpine A522, including the dual element wing.

Alpine A522 detail

A close up of Alpine’s chassis bulkhead and some of the internal suspension elements.

AlphaTauri AT03 rear detail

Lots to appreciate in this shot of the AlphaTauri AT03, including the rear wing, whose paint scheme was changed to reduce the weight of the car, the double-beam wing, the exposed strut, and the saddle cooler above the power unit.

AlphaTauri AT03 brake drum detail

A better position to see the rear pillar and some of the internal brake details, including the brake disc cover.

AlphaTauri AT03 brake drum detail

The brake disc is similarly coated at the front of the car, but due to the need to supply air to the caliper differently, the design has some differences.

Williams FW44 brake drum detail

Williams has opted for a wider and shorter entry for its front brakes.

Williams FW44 brake drum detail

Underneath, Williams has the brake disc surrounded, rather than locked in like many of the other teams, as it works its thermal management in a different way.

Williams FW44 detail

At the rear of the car, the Grove have a kind of hybrid solution, with the upper part of the brake disc closed, while it is open at the bottom.

Aston Martin AMR22 brake drum detail

Aston Martin’s push rod intersects with the large brake duct air intake the team has fitted for Monaco.

Aston Martin AMR22 detail

A close-up of the Aston Martin AMR22’s bulkhead allows us to see some of the internal suspension elements, such as the Belleville springs used in its shock absorber and offset brake cylinders.

A close up of the SIS fairing and rear view mirror of the Mercedes W13, with all its flow conditioners.

A Mercedes mechanic is mounting the famous floor brace, with this one already fitted to the lower end of the floor, the other should be fitted to the gearbox housing. Also note the wealth of detail we can see regarding radiator layout, power unit installation, floor contour, gearbox housing and internal rear suspension.

Haas VF-22 rear detail

A low look at the high downforce rear wing fitted to the Haas VF-22, along with a great view of the top of the rear brake assembly, including the intake that collects airflow between the side of the chassis and the flank of the tire.

Haas VF-22 front detail

Haas mechanics working on the front end of the VF-22 as internal details associated with the front brakes and some of the internal suspension elements can be seen.

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