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Gardner: "Acosta shouldn't be in a hurry to get into MotoGP"

The last-minute jump from Moto3 to Moto2 made by Raúl Fernández within the KTM-Ajo structure in 2021 meant for Remy Gardner the arrival of a very strong teammate who forced him to fight to the fullest to end up becoming one of the the most demanded world champions in the intermediate category.

But he also opened the door of Aki Ajo ‘s team in the small class to a true earthquake, Pedro Acosta from Murcia, who very soon made good friends with the Australian, and a friendship was born.

Remy has become a kind of godfather to Acosta, he is helping him, it seems that he is trying to spare him the bad moments that he had to go through in the process, so that he can focus more on progress.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” admits Remy during an interview with on Thursday at Mugello last week.

The question is why does he do it, because he likes her?

“Yes, I do it because I like him, I don’t know, we have shared a box and we have had a good relationship from the first day. Well, from the first day, no. In the test, when he arrived, we didn’t look at each other, we didn’t say hello and I thought: who is this gil…? (laughs), but little by little we were talking more and more, and things have come up”, explains Remy.

From the outside, Acosta really looks like a guy who comes out one in a thousand.

“Yes, he’s a pretty special guy,” admits the Australian, Moto2 world champion in 2021, the same year that Pedro won the Moto3 title on his world championship debut.

However, until Mugello (the interview was done before Acosta’s victory on Sunday), in Moto2 he has had, in quotes, a little cure of humility, he has realized that things are not that easy.

“Yes, that’s right, it’s not easy. Moto2 is not Moto3 and MotoGP is not Moto2, each category has its things. The guy has talent, that’s obvious, because already in the tests he was riding in record times, but not even in Moto2, not even in MotoGP is it just that, going fast. You have to have your head and understand the category, when to push and when not to, and what I try to do is guide you a little and, above all, help you not to fall too much. and don’t hurt yourself, because these bikes are not Moto3, which are bicycles compared to this, they are machines that weigh 150 kilos and falls hurt more”, explains Remy.

“That’s why I want to help him and he’s doing well. He has to go through the apprenticeship on his own, but he’ll come, the guy will come. This year we’ll see, and next year too. If he needs three years it’s okay, there’s no rush to get to MotoGP, he is very young, he has just turned 18, if he goes up to 21 it is perfect, because you have to have a very good head to carry these MotoGP bugs”, settles the 24-year-old rider born in Sydney but based in Spain.

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