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Geek gifts and geek merchandise for this Christmas

There are no longer rocking horses under the fir tree, no coal in the bad boys’ socks. They have been exchanged for a replica of Akira’s motorcycle and some blue meth from the Breaking Bad series. What happened to that classic image of gifts that Christmas had us used to? It is still there, but it has been updated with the new star products: merchandising and pop products .

Popular culture is like the Force, it is in all of us and it unites people like an invisible river of energy. Although it also has its own dark side (that haterism that tends towards confrontation to see which franchise is better or which characters did something before the others) , the passion that people feel for their hobbies can become a link between people who they find in these subjects a point in common with others, even when they do not know them. Make no mistake, everyone is a geek about something and we have to be proud of it, because it is part of us.

And as the good business of the culture industry, mass phenomena create masses of products that go on sale and disappear as easily as if Thanos had snapped his gloved fingers . The so-called merchandising, all that jumble of decoration, collectibles, figures, clothes, and others has gone from being that dream gift that only existed in specialized stores or in countries like the United States and Japan to being at the fingertips of any fan . In this sense, the arrival of e-Commerce online shopping sites that eliminate the problem of distance have done a lot; but it has been the popularization of these brands that has turned them into accessible products . Stores and department stores have understood that there is an immense public that is looking for these collectibles and that their sale can be a good business.

For whatever reason, fans of all kinds of cultural products have found an immense world in which the products and memories of their favorite series, books and movies come to life and bring them closer to those sensations that were transmitted to them the first time. time they saw them. Seeing the arrival of another Christmas so close, we selected some geeky gifts that have conquered us and that we hope you like.

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