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Genshin Impact: how to get free protogems and decoration plans with the Travel Illustrations web event

From time to time Genshin Impact leaves us with great news with the realization of a new event with which all players can obtain some very interesting rewards. Thus, over the next few days, the Travel Illustrations web event will take place, about which we are going to offer you all the details in the following guide.

How to participate in the Travel Illustrations web event

Contrary to what has happened in other web events that have taken place before, to participate in it you have to enter your own game of the game and look for the event within the Paimon menu. Depending on your version you can access one way or another:

  • PC : press the “Esc” key
  • Mobile devices : click on the Paimon icon in the upper left corner
  • PlayStation : press the “Options” button on the control stick

The event will run until the early hours of July 13, so you have a few days ahead of you to make the most of it and get all the rewards you can. Of course, it will only be enabled for those who have reached Adventure Rank 21 or higher .

How to get Travel Illustrations web event rewards

Once the first point on how to participate has been clarified, it is time to talk about why this event is so special, since thanks to it you will be able to get free Protogems, Blackberry, fine refinement minerals, decoration plans and much more . For this, your objective will be to complete the illustration of a notebook by painting it.

During the first seven days you will receive a daily quest with which you will get Watercolors upon successful completion. To be clear, the missions restart at 04:00 in the morning and from there it changes depending on the server you play on. In the case of Europe it is one hour more.

The Watercolors will help you to paint the illustrations, specifically a random part of a large illustration of the notebook that will be the one that will give you totally random rewards. The only prize that is fixed is the decoration plan “Flower crib” when completing the illustration of the notebook , but the other articles that you will receive are not bad either, so it is worth not overlooking this web event.

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