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Girl's Day: 27 teachings for your daughter to become a strong and happy woman

As a mother of three girls, celebrations such as Girl’s Day or International Women’s Day are dates that touch me closely, because it makes me think about what I want for them, how I would like them to grow and what seeds I am sowing. in them so that tomorrow they will be strong and determined women, but above all, happy .

Life will give them some hits, I hope not many, and many joys, I hope many. In these 27 teachings for your daughter to become a strong and happy woman I have wanted to share some premises that I try to always keep in mind to face any situation in life.

1) You are special

You are special, unique and unrepeatable . This I try to burn them. Because they are, we all are, and if we believed it a little more, I’m sure we would be happier.

2) You are beautiful, believe it

All women are different, but we are all precious. And the first who must believe it is you. Love yourself . Don’t let anyone tell you ugly, or fat, or skinny legs, or anything like that. And if they tell you, because there is always some fool out there (this is also something they should know), just ignore them.

3) Don’t compare yourself to anyone

Thus, as you are, you are unique . Nobody is better or worse than you, neither uglier nor prettier. The comparisons are hateful. Just be yourself .

4) Find your gift

Some things may not be good, or you may not like them, but we all have a gift, a talent . And do not look for it by looking outward, but inward, looking for what you are passionate about, what you most enjoy doing. There is your gift.

5) Be what you want to be

I’m not interested in your being an architect, an engineer, or a NASA astronaut. I am only interested in finding what you are really passionate about. Be what you want to be, but let it make you happy . And if at some point you stop being passionate about it, find yourself a new passion.

6) Say what you feel

Expressing emotions is one of the keys to happiness , which is why I insist so much that they learn to say what they feel since they are little. Enough of the “What’s wrong?” “Any”. When in fact it happens to us.

I usually ask them questions like “how do you feel?” It is very important that they learn to recognize and express their emotions.

7) say what you want

In this, women are sometimes very stupid and we do not say clearly what we want or do not want . We say “Well, I don’t know, whatever you want” when we really mean “I don’t want to.” Say it clearly, both what you want and what you don’t.

8) be assertive

Assertiveness, that word so fashionable lately, and somewhat in relation to what I mentioned above, is summed up in the ability to express your opinions or feelings clearly and directly , without shame.

9) love your body

Love yourself both inside and out. Love your body, even if it is not perfect (what is perfect?). Take care of yourself, exercise, eat well and enjoy it.

10) dream big

Do not stop dreaming. Never. There are no impossible dreams. Go after what you want, even if there are obstacles, because there will be, do not be discouraged. Set a goal and go for it .

11) Sing and dance with the soul

Hopefully they never lose that joy to dance and sing as they come out , as they do now, with that spontaneity that children have. Without prejudice or shame. I love those dancing moments.

12) read a lot

You live in the age of entertainment, there are thousands of things that catch your attention, I know, but nothing is so worthwhile as the refuge of a good book . Don’t lose that habit.

13) Compromise

You don’t have to do everything, and you don’t have to do everything right, but whatever you choose to do, do it with commitment . Get involved with the people and with the projects you undertake.

14) Strive

There will be things that do not cost you effort, but you will see that the ones that give you the most satisfaction will be those in which you have given everything you could give .

15) The material, happens

Don’t get attached to material things. Happiness is not there. Things go wrong, they get lost, the true value is in the people .

16) Don’t be in a hurry to grow

Don’t rush, being older isn’t as cool as you think. Enjoy your childhood , your moments of play, the ingenuity to see the world through your eyes as a child. It is a wonderful stage that does not return.

17) Do not love someone who does not love you

Love is a thing of two. Whoever really loves you will love you unconditionally, just as you are. Love does not hurt or beg .

18) Know yourself

Give yourself time to think about yourself, to meditate, to ask yourself what you like and what you don’t like, what bothers you, what you do right or wrong. Do not let TV, video games or social networks occupy all your time, dedicate time to yourself. Set your mind on knowing who you are .

19) sex is good

Sexuality is educated from childhood, without taboos and speaking clearly. Sex has to make you happy and enjoy yourself . If someone approaches you and the way they talk about sex bothers you, and you are not comfortable, talk to your parents.

20) We will always support you

Always tell us what worries you. Keep secrets if you want, but don’t worry. If you need us, talk to us . Everything you go through, we’ve been through before us.

21) Put yourself in the shoes of others

Remember that “do not do to others what you do not like to be done.” Be careful what you say or do, because you can hurt someone. Don’t judge or criticize others .

22) You will be a good mother

Let them believe it from now on. If they are going to be mothers in the future, -if they decide and wish to do so-, I try to give them all the tools to be good mothers and I am sure they will be. What you give to your daughters, the affection, the attention, the care, the pampering, they will also give it to their children .

23) Love your sisters

This is something that is not taught with words, but with deeds, fostering brotherhood between them from minute 0. May they never stop protecting each other, loving each other, supporting each other … Someday the parents will not be there and the sisters will remain.

24) Make friends

Friends are a gift of life . You will share (you already do) special moments that you only live with friends and you will remember forever. Laugh, have fun, trust and give yourself to them.

25) Be honest, always

Sincerity is a great value that has been greatly denigrated lately. For any relationship, friendship, love, and even work, sincerity shows the integrity and quality of a person . You can be wrong, of course. If so, acknowledge it.

26) Don’t let them overwhelm you

Be polite, always, but stay away from toxic people who don’t want your good. Who wants you good, wants your good.

27) “Life is good”

Finally, a phrase that is a maxim between us, a kind of key. When we enjoy good times together we look at each other and say “Life is good” . Even when things are not going quite right, it is always worth reminding them that life is beautiful .

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