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Goodbye Laptops? Why are so many people buying desktop PCs?

Haifa, Israel – The desktop computer is not dead. Although this segment entered a period of decline, two years of telecommuting showed that its main values were comfort and focus, which are contributing to its resurgence among the ashes of keyboards and peripherals.

The obvious reason this vertical has started to pick up steam, says Mandy Mock, vice president of customer computing at Intel, is the pandemic; however, the company sought a deeper explanation and thus realized that this system provides a sense of control over the work environment, by allowing the generation of an environment focused on concentration.

“Laptops or tablets can be powerful elements, but the desktop gives way to having a perfect configuration, a defined space for, and only, teleworking”, shares Mock from the offices of Intel’s Development Center, in Israel. In addition, complements the expert, this also allows those who are in charge of a business to show their clients a sense of control, even from home.

“With the mobile phone it is very easy to check an email, but when we talk about real work, something more serious, it is much more comfortable to have a larger screen. That is the purpose of the personal computer. It is a device with which you can concentrate to be more productive.

The figures support the growth of the desktop

According to data from Statista, revenue in the desktop segment will be 29.4 billion dollars throughout 2022, which represents a growth of 1.06%.

Although the resurgence of this sector may not seem like much, the expectation is latent in the industry, since the volume of units shipped by 2027 is expected to be 56.1 million, in addition to experiencing constant development until then.

“We saw a growth in demand in the pandemic, that was important, but growth in this way was already expected even before and now that nobody wants to return to the offices there will not be something like a normalization of the market, but that demand for equipment it will remain persistent”, foresees the expert.

In this market, explains Mock, there are three large segments. One is that of gamers and content creators, who have more elaborate equipment and setups; another is the commercial segment, which includes companies of all sizes and uses these devices for their common operations, making it the most stable segment.

Finally, there is the vertical of the mainstream , which is the market with the most attention today under hybrid working conditions, because although it was the first to move away from these products, it is also the same one that is returning to be productive.

“In these environments we also look for ways to deliver value, how to help users’ needs,” he points out and exemplifies with the new tools that Intel is launching, such as Thunderbolt, which allows a faster connection with various hardware for optimize operations from home.

On the other hand, he accepts that one of the biggest challenges in this segment is that of education, because although progress has been made in the world so that children have access to technology, there is still a gap and “a lot of work to be done to deliver more opportunities for children.

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