SportF1#GPTwitter, the karting racing event that many of us...

#GPTwitter, the karting racing event that many of us dream of

Perhaps the headline of this article is exaggerated, the risk is admitted. But for those who spent their childhood living the passion for Formula 1 in an environment (family and friends) where motorsports were not interested, initiatives such as the Twitter GP are a deferred gift.

The often criticized technologies and social networks, which are accused of moving you away from the one next to you, brings you closer to the one who is far away. And, with these last exciting years of F1 and with the accolade that was the return of Fernando Alonso, the group of Spanish fans to the premier class was growing and, in a way, uniting more and more.

This is how the Twitter GP came about, an event held on February 26 in which Spain was present and which it will repeat this time.

And who organizes it? Alejandro Ruiz-Cabello, or Hales, or @Hales_F1, a man from Granada who now lives in a town in Madrid for work, Óscar Ruiz (or @OscarRuizGT). In fact, the Twitter GP was born after a ‘meeting’ between Alex, Óscar, Coque López and five other users from different groups who stayed for some karting sessions. And that, they left so delighted by the atmosphere and the competition, that they decided to do it in a big way.

But let’s go in parts…

What exactly is #GPTwitter?

A karting racing event that in this second edition will consist of three categories in which 15 teams of six members each will participate, and that will have up to 90 participants.

There will be one classification per category and two races per category (one of them with an inverted grid), in total nine karting sessions.

The team that adds the most points among its three categories will win and there will be prizes for the first three in each category.

When will #GPTwitter be? Where is the #GPTwitter?

It will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at the Los Santos karting circuit, in the municipality of Los Santos de la Humosa, Madrid.

You can also access the circuit as a spectator, and you can also spend many moments with the participants.


Who participates in the #GPTwitter?

People of all profiles, from ‘random’ users of TwitterF1, to professional drivers, including renowned journalists. Yes, we still cannot reveal more information, but there will be drivers who have competed in F1 sessions, a commentator from the F2 and F3 races, a couple of surprises that will amaze everyone and of course, representation of our website with our director Jacobo Vega , with the chief editor (server) Jose Carlos de Celis and with the editor Juanjo Sáez.

There are already two teams announced, which you can see below

Team ‘La Vall Racing EQEE’

Category 1:



Category 2:

@victorabadf1 (CAPTAIN)


Category 3:



Equipo ‘Aston Karting’

Category 1:



Category 2:

@iFons_ (CAPTAIN)


Category 3:



Every day, announcement of new teams.

In addition to big names, there will also be other more unknown ones, and you could participate in the next #GPTwitter yourself, because it is not an elitist event or one that leaves no one out due to its impact or number of followers.

Next month’s #GPTwitter will have the support of important brands, which will collaborate with prizes, organization and other details.

How did #GPTwitter come about?

The first event had 30 participants and about 10 spectators, and it went so well that, as soon as it was over, the second, the next, began to be organized. The organizers took into account the F1 calendar so that it did not coincide with a race that the various journalists who go to the GP Twitter had to cover, and from there came the date of October 15 (after the summer and as the only weekend next month’s free).

During the first GP, between rounds, people outside the event competed, so this time the circuit will be by and for the Twitter GP.

Between participants, spectators and helpers, in October about 130 or 140 people will attend.

The story will continue. This won’t be the last #GPTwitter. It is expected to be an annual event, but it requires such a level of organization that, if you want to do it in 2023, February seems very rushed and you would have to think more about October.

That doesn’t mean that there can’t be smaller editions of #GPTwitter in other cities in the future, although something similar to this year will probably have to wait another twelve months.

And to follow him? Onda Madrid’s Pole Position program will report live on the event, and from ten in the morning it can also be followed live on Twitch.

Until October 15, to be informed of everything that is announced and happens on #GPTwitter, follow his account here @GPTwF1, or go to his GPTwitter website. The event of the year is coming!

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