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GTA Online: all bonuses and discounts from May 6 to 13

GTA Online is worth a visit every week thanks to the bonuses, discounts, rewards and much more that are temporarily enabled in the game. In the following guide you have all the details of what you will find during the week of May 6 to 13 .

All bonuses and discounts from May 6 to 13

This week we wanted to pay tribute to the arms dealers and the underground powerhouses , hence all the rewards that you will see below are related to all this, so we go with our usual review.

Podium Vehicle

As usual, your first stop is The Diamond Casino & Resort casino to try your luck with the wheel of fortune, which will allow you to qualify for prizes such as money, clothes, food or even the podium vehicle. If you are so lucky to hit the jackpot you will receive the Vapid Winky, a military-industrial car.

Free clothing and items

Another possibility is to unlock the Invade and Persuade t-shirt and the pink and green camo cover . Both items can be yours for free and you just have to consult this other guide to find out how to get hold of them.

Bonus dollars and reputation points

Something that should be especially emphasized are the bonuses of dollars and reputation points for carrying out certain activities, which will allow you to pocket a good amount of rewards very quickly. Specifically, this will happen in the following game modes:

  • Motor Wars : one more week this game mode will give you triple dollars and reputation points, so give it a shot because the bonus will remain active until June 2.
  • Mobile Operations : all missions that you complete after starting them on your Mobile Operations Center consoles will give you double dollars and reputation points along with an extra bonus of $ 100,000.

On the other hand, the speed of investigation of the bunkers has been increased considerably and during these days it will go three times as fast.


HVY Nightshark

Something that is never missing is the vehicle sales and many other aspects of the game, so here is the list of all the discounts available this week:

  • MK II Weapon Upgrades – 50% off
  • COM upgrades – 40% discount
  • Bunker Supplies – 50% off
  • Brute Stockade – $ 1,344,000 (previously $ 2,240,000, 40% discount)
  • Declasse Tampa Assembled – $ 225,000 (was $ 375,000, 40% discount)
  • HVY Nightshark – $ 747,000 (was $ 1,245,000, 40% discount)
  • JoBuilt Hauler Custom – $ 840,000 (was $ 1,400,000, 40% discount)
  • Custom JoBuilt Phantom – $ 735,000 (was $ 1,225,000, 40% discount)
  • Karin Technical Custom – $ 758,100 (was $ 1,263,500, 40% discount)

Bonus con Prime Gaming

We finish with the bonuses for all those who are subscribed to Prime Gaming , who one more week will be able to pocket $ 200,000, will receive free sonar from the Kosatka submarine and will also be able to benefit from these exclusive discounts:

  • Brute Boxville – $ 119,400 (was $ 398,000, 70% discount)
  • Dewbauchee JB 700W – $ 441,000 (was $ 1,470,000, 70% discount)
  • Navy Dinghy – $ 1,202,500 (previously $ 1,850,000, 35% discount)

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