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Guide to drinking tea in Spain

Spain is a country that drinks coffee. As a result, tea does not have a great tradition in Spain, although its demand is increasing (while coffee sales are falling). You can always find some standard boxed tea bags at Cafeterias (coffee shops) in Spain, but finding really good tea is a challenge.

In the past, when talking about teas in Spain, people thought of herbal teas that were used for health reasons. There weren’t many varieties available except chamomile for stomach pain or star anise to help with digestive problems. But now, with the proliferation of international restaurants and visitors from around the world, Spain offers a good variety of teas, from black tea to herbal teas.

With the growing popular belief that drinking coffee may not be that good for you, drinking a cup of black tea that also contains caffeine but is considered more natural has become a good alternative. Some doctors have begun to recommend substituting tea for coffee.

According to the Granada tourism website, there is an especially good range of teas in the Moroccan tea rooms (or Teterías ) of Granada. Caldereria Nueva is a pedestrian street in Granada that has many Arab tea houses, Arab handicraft shops and stalls. There you can find aromatic teas, Moorish cakes, pancakes and other light refreshments.

Types of teas found in Spain

Although the quality is poor, the variety is surprisingly good. This is what you will find:

  • Black Tea – Black tea that is much weaker than it should be. You can request milk to improve the taste.
  • Red Tea – Red tea
  • Green Tea – Green tea
  • Fruit Tea – Fruit tea
  • Chamomile – Chamomile tea
  • PennyroyalPennyroyal Tea
  • Tila – Lime flower tea

Where to find tea in Granada and Madrid

The Moroccan influence in Granada has created a bit of tea culture in the city. Arab Teahouses throughout Granada have menus that are often five pages long. Try the tea at the tea houses but don’t buy it from there. Instead, go to the spice stalls around the Cathedral (there are two of them). The tea there is of a much higher quality than that sold in the Arab areas and it is also cheaper.

Menus in Teahouses are rarely in English – just pick something at random. A favorite is Pakistani Tea, a black tea taken with milk and mixed with vanilla beans, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Lavapiés, a district of Madrid, also has several Teterias, as does the Chamberí district. You can buy tea at El Almacén del Té or Tea Cup, a tea shop, and enjoy a garden at El Café del Jardín, which is located next to the Museo del Romanticismo, an art museum. Try their homemade cakes and pastries. Inside the cafe it will feel like you are in an old fashioned tea room, but outside in the small garden it is the best place to sit.

At the charming Salon des Fleurs, you can stop for a traditional tea or join one of the special tea parties. Enjoy delicacies like strawberry green tea or lemon iced tea.

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