SportF1Hamilton, close to becoming an honorary citizen of Brazil

Hamilton, close to becoming an honorary citizen of Brazil

After the repercussion of the scene of Lewis Hamilton with the Brazilian flag in the São Paulo GP, recalling what Ayrton Senna did on the same stage , a bill presented by the federal deputy André Figueiredo (PDT-CE) intends to grant the seven-time Formula 1 champion the title of honorary citizen of Brazil.

The politician presented the bill on November 16 of last year, two days after Hamilton’s victory in Interlagos, considered one of the best of his career due to the problems he had throughout the weekend, with the disqualification in qualifying on Friday, the start from the back of the grid in the sprint test and the penalty for changing the engine.

The PCR 79/2021 was detained until last month, when the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) passed it on to the Commissions of the Table of the Chamber and the Constitution and Justice and Citizenship, and although this body have not yet issued the opinions, Lewis Hamilton has wanted to show the affection he has for this nation on his social networks with a message that seems to indicate that there will soon be a decision on the matter.


“Last November 14, the traditional Formula 1 race was held at the Interlagos racetrack, in São Paulo”, writes the deputy in the justification for the project. “This sport is one of the most popular at the national level and has already brought many joys to Brazilians with the victories of our drivers, among which Ayrton Senna stands out. Three-time champion of the category, Senna is a model and an inspiration not not only for Brazilians, but for sports fans and professionals from all over the world”.

The deputy mentions the fact that Hamilton competed in Brazil with a helmet with colors alluding to those used by Senna , in addition to the scene of the seven-time champion with the Brazilian flag.

“This gesture of respect to the memory of the greatest Brazilian driver caught the attention of each and every one of our citizens. Senna was not just a driver, but he represented the image of a Brazil that did it well, that won, that was viewed positively by the world.

According to the deputy, Hamilton’s action “helps to remember that the national colors have no party or owner”, emphasizing that Brazil is an independent nation of differences and diversity, arguing that in sports, the “celebration of national victories and tributes to the champions” can help rescue the flag as a symbol of unity.

“In this sense, we propose to pay tribute to the British pilot, granting him the title of honorary citizen of the Federative Republic of Brazil. We hope that this gesture will help us in the process of national reconciliation and the return of our national symbols as the heritage of all Brazilians.” .

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