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Hamilton: "If we had spent half a million more…" F1

The fact that the FIA decided to delay the publication of which teams complied with the F1 2021 cost limit for a few days has added more tension to the matter for this weekend. The issue came up at the Singapore GP , when it was hinted that two teams had broken that spending ceiling.

The two teams that are suspected are Red Bull and Aston Martin and, as those in green celebrated with relief, all eyes were focused on the energy drink firm.

After winning the 2021 drivers’ title with Max Verstappen, many wondered if the FIA would be so severe as to withdraw the points earned by the Austrian team, which would give Hamilton the championship.

In the run-up to this Japanese GP, Hamilton was raised on the matter, and although he wanted to clarify that he has no evidence, he did make it clear that things could have been different last year. Asked if it would be serious if F1 found out that two teams had broken the rules, he replied: “Of course, because it would call into question our values, the integrity of the sport.”

And he recalled the tight battle of 2021, in which Mercedes could not introduce so many improvements, he says, like his rivals: “I remember that last year, as a driver, you are always asking for updates. At Silverstone we put our last update, and it gave us almost three-tenths. I’m pretty sure it cost less than a million… but maybe over time it would cost more in terms of construction.”

“I remember after that I needed more upgrades, but I was looking at those [Red Bull] guys’ trucks and the upgrades they kept putting on their car, and I was like, ‘Gosh, it’s going to be hard to beat them if they keep bringing upgrades.


The suspicion about Red Bull is that they would have spent half a million more than allowed, and Hamilton referred to that figure … and to a piece that his rival evolved in the last part of the year: “Money is key to the development race If we had another half a million to spend, we would have been in a different position in the following races if we had, for example, introduced another floor to the car, something we could have easily done.”

“But the game doesn’t go like that and I’m thankful that our team is very strict and sticks to the rules. They’ve done an amazing job, and you have to take it seriously.”

Although it is unknown what punishment someone who exceeded the cost limit would receive, next Monday the teams will know if they were within the limit or not. Lewis Hamilton sees “imperative” that the FIA is clear and severe: “We have to continue to have transparency for the fans, for the integrity of the sport”

“I don’t know enough about it, there’s a lot of talk about it but no one really knows. There are different numbers and different things being said.”

The seven-time champion sees in the fact that the FIA delayed the communication proof that it is not a minor matter: “I expected the results to come out now and I like to think that if it has been delayed it is because it is being taken very seriously and I trust that Mohammad [Ben Sulayem, the president] is taking this seriously and he will do what is right for the sport.”

“I think it would be bad for the sport if there was no action if there was an infringement. But I don’t know if there is an infringement, so I will wait just like you.”

While both Red Bull and Aston Martin defend their innocence while waiting for the reports to be revealed, they also questioned the other more related driver, Verstappen , at Suzuka on Thursday.

“First they [the FIA] have to decide that something is wrong,” said the Dutchman. “And as far as I know, and also based on what I hear from the team, we haven’t done anything wrong.”

“So to be honest I’m not too busy with all that kind of stuff. It’s up to the FIA and the teams and I just have to focus on driving. I don’t have much more to say on that, I guess we’ll find out on Monday.” Verstappen concluded.

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