SportF1Hamilton: "Russell has everything to lead Mercedes to success"

Hamilton: "Russell has everything to lead Mercedes to success"

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell face their first season as teammates in Formula 1 in 2022. After several quiet years with a Valtteri Bottas at his side who acted as a squire, the seven-time world champion now faces a driver young, promising, hungry and talented.

The start of the campaign saw Mercedes embark on a very ambitious project, to the point where it struggled to find the right operating window for the car’s configuration.

The settings quickly exposed the stiffness of the W13, which left it at the mercy of porpoising at first, and later rebound as well.

In the midst of all this, Russell managed to overcome the problems to some extent, achieving three podium finishes and 128 points in eleven races, leading Lewis Hamilton by 19 units, as he was left on 109.

In order to have a complete vision, we will have to wait until the end of the season to be able to judge the entire course, but the takeoff of the young Englishman is already a fact.

The Briton seems poised to enter the fights with the best, although there was little doubt of that after seeing his performances during his three years with Williams, but he also gives the feeling of being able to lead the team and help it out of the difficulties that have drowned in this first half of the year.

Lewis Hamilton shares this opinion, after having had the opportunity to study, know, understand and evaluate the characteristics that led Russell to accompany him in the box: “I can’t say it’s difficult being a teammate of George [Russell], it has been good. We work together and we do it incredibly well.”

“George is very positive… He’s had such an impact on the work environment and overall he’s a real pleasure to work with, it’s great to see what he can accomplish. He’s done a great job, he’s got his first points for the team and will continue to improve and do so for a long time”, praised the seven-time champion.

“I see that he has great potential to be world champion, and he is also in the right place to be able to do it. I really believe that, whether I am here or not, he has all the qualities to help the team progress in the future and take it to success, so I think it was the right choice for the team. I hope I can play a part in making it even better,” he said.

Hamilton’s words also have to do with the context that the team is going through and himself as a driver. It’s not often you see the seven-time champion struggling for so long in a season, but that’s not to say his words aren’t sincere.

The two Britons are cooperating to try to get Mercedes back on top and become a dominant team again, but the road ahead is quite long.

Russell himself spoke about the approach he has followed in his first season with Mercedes on the category’s official podcast, Beyond the Grid : “I like to look at things as objectively as possible. They can change very quickly in Formula 1 and sign a contract to join the biggest team of this era is, without a doubt, a great moment for me”.

“But if I don’t do well, if I get my ass kicked by the greatest driver of all time [Hamilton], what does that mean? It means after a year I could walk out the door at Brackley,” the youngster reasoned. British.

“Coming to Mercedes was a big step forward in my career, but it’s a bit like the image of the guy who climbs a mountain: he thinks he’s at the top, he looks up and the top is miles away. Then he gets there, but it sees another peak. And that’s how I see F1.”

“There’s a lot to celebrate at a time like this. I want to be world champion, I want to win races, but signing a contract with Mercedes doesn’t guarantee me anything,” Russell concluded.

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